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Why Bed Bug Heat Treatments Are Perfect For Souderton Homes In Cold Months

January 8, 2019

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You might be wondering what happens to bed bugs in the winter. The answer is; nothing. Bed bugs are not pests that fall prey to cold weather and die off, nor do they hibernate. While they don’t necessarily like cold temperatures, they can survive and continue to move from one location to another, causing infestations as they breed. If you discover you have a bed bug infestation, or just suspect that a bug you’ve seen in your house is a bed bug, there is no need to panic. Bed bug treatments are available to rid your Souderton home of bed bugs no matter the season.
There are several types of treatments to combat bed bugs. Chemical treatments, mattress encasements, and heat treatments are the most popular options. These are all done by professional pest control experts. While some people might attempt DIY methods of getting rid of bed bugs, there are no proven treatments for a homeowner to try on their own.
The most reliable and effective bed bug treatment solution for Souderton homes is heat treatment. Heat treatments work by raising the temperature in the affected home to a temperature that will kill bed bugs in all stages. Bed bugs are excellent at hiding. They will seek shelter in outlets or in cracks in baseboards or molding. They can slip behind peeling wallpaper. They will hide in the backs of drawers. They will scurry into the pages of a book. They aren’t confined to the mattress, which is why mattress encasements won’t help get rid of an infestation. Chemicals can be applied, but if they miss a hidden bug or some of their eggs, you are likely to wind up with an infestation again. Heat treatments are the only safe and effective method to destroy all bed bugs, no matter where they are hiding.
Souderton residents who think they have bed bugs should seek help from Moyer Pest Control immediately. Our technicians are trained to safely and effectively eliminate bed bugs in your home. Heat treatments are non-invasive and safe for your family and your belongings. We’ll guide you in preparing your home for the treatment and will work quickly and efficiently to help eradicate your bed bug problem. You can rest assured that your Souderton home will remain bed bug-free no matter the season with an effective heat treatment from Moyer Pest Control.

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