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Why Are There Spiders In My House?

February 8, 2019

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As you’ve made your way through winter, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time indoors. Sometimes your home can feel like a cozy retreat from the bad weather and at other times it can feel a bit stifling after being inside for so long. Either way, if you’ve paid attention, you may have noticed you’re not the only one spending a lot of the winter in your home. And you may be thinking, "Why are there spiders in my house? Don’t they hide, hibernate or die off during the winter?"

Why Spiders Get Into Your House

While you definitely see fewer spiders during the winter months, they don’t all disappear for the coldest months of the year. Many spiders simply make their way inside when they feel the temperatures dropping. Spiders can thrive all year long if they have a steady food source, which makes your home the perfect location for spiders to live.

Where to Find Spiders in Your House

Different types of spiders prefer different locations, but it’s smart to know where to look for them so you can keep them under control.

House spiders tend to live along the edges and corners of a room or inside wall voids. You’ll often find their webs where your walls meet your ceiling.

Other spiders, like wolf spiders and the more dangerous black widow and brown recluse, prefer dark, secluded areas. You are more likely to find them in your basement, crawl space, or a dark storage area.

How Spiders Get Inside Your House

Spiders need entry points to get into your house, and these may be easier for them to find than you’d expect. Cracks in your foundation are an easy way for spiders to get inside. Gaps around windows or doors also allow entry, as do holes or tears in screens and open windows and doors.

By sealing up these entry points and keeping windows and doors shut, you can help keep spiders out of your house.

Why You Don’t Want Spiders in Your House and How to Get Rid of Them

While house spiders pose no real threat to you or your family, they can certainly become a nuisance, leaving abandoned webs everywhere. The real problem comes from a few things:

  • Sometimes a spider invasion means you have another pest problem. Spiders won’t stay in a place without a food supply, so if you have spiders, you probably have other insects inside as well.
  • Spiders can lay hundreds of eggs at a time. If spider eggs end up hatching in your home, a small infestation could quickly become a big problem.
  • If poisonous spiders get into your home, it’s a health risk for your entire family.

If you begin to find that spiders are overtaking your home, give Moyer Pest Control a call. We can inspect your house and help you weigh your treatment options to come up with the best solution for your particular needs. We understand that, when it comes to pest control, one size doesn’t fit all. Give us a call to discuss your options.

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