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Why Are There So Many Cicadas In My Souderton Yard?

May 7, 2022


A cicada invasion can be problematic and reasonably loud. Even though cicada benefits are out there for other critters in the environment (they’re a good source of food for birds), cicada damage and the loud sound of this pest can make you want to contact Souderton pest control the moment these insects emerge from the ground.

What Exactly Is A Cicada?

Many individuals may be wondering ‘what is a cicada’ the second this pest starts showing up around their yard and making noise. A cicada is an insect with wedge-shaped, stout bodies, broader headers, transparent wings, and large compound eyes. This insect tends to be active underground and will emerge from underground areas every set number of years. There are several different cicada species across the United States, and the times between emergence differ. Some cicada species will surface to molt and breed annually, while others wait between thirteen and seventeen years.

By having a lifecycle that keeps them underground for long periods, cicadas avoid predators and stop themselves from being a staple in any predators’ diet. Simply put, the time cicadas spend underground is a defense mechanism.

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Why Are Cicadas So Loud?

The loud sound that many associate with cicadas mostly comes from the males of this species. The cicada produces the sound by contracting its tymbal muscle on the abdomen and then amplifying this noise through its mostly hollow body. This sound is used as a mating call to attract females, communicate and sometimes as a warning sound for nearby cicadas. The noise that this pest makes can be incredibly loud because males will gather together and create the song simultaneously, further amplifying the noise.

Are Cicadas Dangerous?

While a cicada invasion can be annoying to deal with, it is not particularly dangerous for humans or pets. This pest doesn’t bite or sting and is not aggressive. The only danger you might face from a cicada invasion is the potential for cicada damage on trees and bushes; as the female cicadas lay their eggs, these branches may become weak or break off. 

With repeated cicada invasions, this damage may ruin the plants in your yard, so you will need to be prepared for cicada season by protecting your plants and contacting Moyer Pest Control for more cicada protection advice.

Is There Anything I Can Do About Cicadas?

Before cicadas emerge, there are a few steps you can take to protect your yard from invasion and prevent potential cicada damage.

  • Put mesh or cheesecloth around plants in your yard, especially smaller seedlings, to protect them from cicadas climbing on them and laying eggs.
  • Make sure you have a garden hose. This will help you spray cicadas off your plants and trees in an eco-friendly, safe way.
  • Seal up gaps in windows, doors, and your home’s foundation to ensure cicadas can’t sneak into your home and start making noise.
  • Wait to put in new plants until a cicada emergence has ended. This will give your plants the best chance of surviving.

In addition to these steps, you can contact Moyer Pest Control for more cicada control advice. Our professionals will help you protect your property and eliminate any invasions of this pest that create too much noise. 

Don’t lose sleep over cicadas, and reach out to our professionals today!

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