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Why Ants Could Still Be Bugging You This Winter

December 22, 2014

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Are you having ant troubles? Are they running trails across your kitchen floor and into the pantry? How is this even possible? If you're currently looking out your window and wondering how ants could be crawling around in your home while there is a blanket of snow on your lawn and all the trees are bear, you're not alone. Here is the skinny on why ants are bugging you in winter.

Though it is true that ant colonies will--quite literally--close the doors when the cold weather comes, they can still be active during the colder months, under the right conditions. You've probably already guessed that the temperature of your home has something to do with, but that isn't the only thing going on. Ants don't generally build their main colony in your home. Their main colony is somewhere in your yard, and the ants foraging in your kitchen are part of a satellite colony. These worker ants will begin to slow, and go into hibernation if the satellite colony is in a portion of your home that gets cold. But, if they have heat, they will continue to do what they do: search for food.

One of the ways you can prevent ants from pestering you in winter--or any time--is to keep food sources sealed. A colony of ants that can't get to food sources will act the same as a colony in winter, the ants will grow sluggish and go into a low energy state, as they wait for food sources to return. Here are a few ways you can hide the food:

  • When you're finished eating, put your dishes in a sink full of soapy water. It doesn't have to be hot.

  • Keep rugs vacuumed, and floors cleaned.

  • Put pet food down only during meal time, then store it in the fridge.

  • Don't leave fruit out. Keep it in a bag, or in the fridge.

  • Store pantry food in hard plastic containers.

If you leave food out, and a scout ant finds it, you'll have ants building a highway to get to it. Keeping things clean is a great way to deter ants, but it isn't the only solution--or the best solution. Get a pest management company involved. They can seal your walls, and get rid of satellite colonies. This will protect you from all ants, but especially carpenter ants, that chew away at the equity of your home all winter long. And, while you preventing those home repair bills, you're saving money on your heat bill. A sealed house doesn't just keep insects out, it keeps heat in. Getting your home sealed just makes sense. Get sealed today.

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