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Why Am I Seeing Stink Bugs In My New Castle Home In December?

December 24, 2019


Cold weather brings a lot of new things: fun holidays, falling snow and, unfortunately, some pesky pest companions. As temperatures continue to drop, stink bugs seek out places to pass the winter. This is normally done in the semi-hibernating state of diapause. In this phase, stink bugs slow down and decrease their metabolism, allowing them to safely ride out the freezing months; unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to ‘wake’ a stink bug from their diapause state.

With a slight rise in heat, light, and moisture, diapause will end and allow these insects to roam free once more. The cozy temperatures and comfortable surroundings of your home are perfect for these bugs to join in your holiday festivities.

Why Do I Have Stink Bugs In My House?

Stink bugs are a never-ending presence here in New Castle, especially during the winter season. These creatures can sneak through gaps that are as tiny as ¼ inch in diameter, making preventative pest control during the fall a must.

a stink bug crawling on the exterior wall of a home in new castle delaware
  • Lights from the home and porch can act as beacons to these insects, bringing stink bugs to the home in droves.

  • If there is warmth, light, and moisture present in the home, you can be sure that these brown-bodied bugs will find a way inside.

  • Stink bugs tend to reproduce quickly, which is one of the reasons you may find large groups of these creatures flying about the house. Stink bug eggs hatch in five days, meaning that a breeding pair can create dozens of offspring in less than a week.

The presence of stink bugs during sunny, warmer days of the winter may be a good indication of an infestation in your walls. To investigate further, schedule your free inspection from Moyer today.

Can A Stink Bug Hurt You?

Thankfully, stink bugs don’t pose any serious threats to humans. These creatures do not bite and they don’t transmit serious diseases like some other species of insects; however, their smelly odor and liquids can easily stain upholstery and fabrics as well as walls and other surfaces. Their consistent bumping into light fixtures and windows can be startling and will put a damper on your holiday get-togethers.

Take Action With Moyer

Stink bugs can create an unpleasant environment, for you, your family, and your holiday guests. Our exemplary home pest control services and quality technicians ensure that your infestation will be handled with only the best that pest control provides. To get rid of the insects lurking in your home, walls, and guest rooms, contact the professionals at Moyer Pest Control.

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