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Who Else In Souderton Wants To Know The Trick To Keeping Wolf Spiders Out

April 8, 2020


If there is one trick that every person in Souderton wants to know, it’s how to keep spiders out of the home. More specifically, they desire to keep wolf spiders out. These spiders are the most common type of spider in the Souderton area, which means the chances are high you’ll have a wolf spider infestation on your hands if unprepared.

There are over 100 species of wolf spiders. They are unique among other spiders because of their unique hunting method. Unlike other breeds who use webs, this spider hunts by chasing their prey. Despite their fearsome appearance, these spiders are considered to be more of a nuisance pest than anything else. Before discussing how to keep these spiders out of Souderton homes, we need to explore what’s true and what’s not about these arachnids.

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Debunking Wolf Spider Myths

For starters, these spiders are scary looking at first glance. They are large, hairy, and run remarkably fast. It also doesn’t help that they resemble tarantulas, which are scary in their own right. It's important to remember that despite their scary appearance, these spiders are relatively harmless to humans.

  • Beneficial: We don't often consider pests as beneficial, but wolf spiders actually are. They eat other insects, which means if you’re seeing wolf spiders in the home, other pests are likely disappearing. On the flip side, a population of wolf spiders may indicate a larger pest problem.

  • What about bites: These spiders don’t seek out people to bite. In fact, they usually leave people alone. If a wolf spider bites, it’s usually because they were provoked, which is why care is needed when removing them from the house.

  • Accidental invasion: Wolf spiders prefer being outdoors. However, they may wander into the house accidentally. This is largely because they’re drawn to dark environments, which can include basements, crawl spaces, and garages.  

Ways To Prevent Wolf Spiders

While a wolf spider isn’t too bad compared to other pests, that doesn’t mean it’s a comfortable feeling to have fast running spiders hanging out inside your home. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent these spiders from making themselves comfortable in your Souderton home:
Disruptions count: More than anything, these spiders desire to be left alone. By sweeping or vacuuming the dark areas they like at least once a month, you can encourage them to find somewhere else to go.

  • Block entry points: Sealing up the entry points is the key with any pest, and wolf spiders are no exception. Caulk and weather-stripping work wonders in accomplishing this task. Inspect the property for any tears or openings around the perimeter. Once repaired, wolf spiders will have no way to access the inside of your home.  

  • No more hiding: Besides dark spaces, they also love hiding within and clutter or enclosed spaces. If you seal up the boxes, remove the clutter, and patch up holes in the walls, you can say goodbye to wolf spiders in the home.

  • Barrier protection: You may want to consider laying down a protective barrier in and outside of the home if you want a more proactive approach. Pest management professionals can handle this easily and safely. This method works on wolf spiders as well as other unwanted insects. 

Get Professional Assistance From Moyer Pest Control

Without a doubt, the best method of staying on top of any pest, including wolf spiders, is through the use of an integrated pest management solution designed to safely and effectively control and remove your pest problem.

That’s why our team at Moyer Pest Control works hard to deliver a suite of programs designed with your needs and budget in mind. Our mission is to eliminate the current program while leaving you protected against future infestations.

Are you in need of wolf spider prevention services? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional wolf spider management options or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.

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