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Which Scents Keep New Castle Bed Bugs Away?

March 24, 2021


Bed bugs are resilient and resourceful creatures, which makes preventing or eliminating a bed bug infestation very difficult. There are several DIY remedies floating around online that people claim will tame these pint-sized pests but very few of them are proven to be effective.

One method that many have turned to is using essential oils and other natural scents. Like many common pests, it's believed that these tiny terrors are sensitive to a few particularly strong odors. Let's learn more about what keeps bed bugs away and discover if certain scents can truly rid you of bed bugs.

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What Scents And Oils Actually Keep Bed Bugs Away?

The United States Department of Agriculture conducted a study of numerous essential oils and natural scents to determine which oils were effective in repelling bed bugs. The study showed that only a few were actually effective, and of those few, the results were minimal. Below is a list of scents that researches found mildly effective as bed bug repellent:

  • Blood orange oil: The rich citrus aroma of blood orange oil was proven to be somewhat effective as a bed bug repellent. By pouring a few drops in a diffuser or mixing it with water and applying it using a spray bottle, you can reduce the presence of bed bugs in your home.

  • Paraffin oil: Paraffin oil is a flammable, whitish oil consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons. This type of oil isn't natural like blood orange and should be used with caution due to its chemical makeup.

  • Silicone oil: Silicone oil has many uses and deterring bed bugs is one of them. Similar to paraffin oil, silicone oil is not considered an essential oil and can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. A water-soluble silicone oil mixed with water was quite effective in eliminating bed bugs. Studies showed that a silicone/water mix killed 92% of bed bugs after 24 hours of direct contact. The downside to this method is that water-soluble silicon oil can be difficult to find and is pricey. Furthermore, only the bed bugs that were directly targeted were killed.

  • Spearmint oil: Spearmint oil has a reputation for repelling many different types of bugs. While it isn't as effective as blood orange oil in the war against bed bugs, it appears to perform better than most essential oils.

Additional Proven Bed Bug Fighting Methods

Outside of scents and oils, there are other measures you can take to treat an existing bed bug infestation. Here are a few of the methods:

  • High heat: By drying your sheets and clothes on the highest heat setting possible you can kill bed bugs. Bed bugs will die if exposed to temperatures higher than 117 degrees.


  • Extreme Cold: Bed bugs also hate sub-zero temperatures. By leaving affected items in a freezer that's colder than 0 degrees for four days or more you can kill the bed bugs that are infesting those particular items.

Why You Should Contact A Professional 

While there may be dozens of DIY bed bug remedies on the internet, the only way to eliminate bed bugs is to rely on an expert. To effectively eliminate a bed bug problem, you have to eliminate every last bug and egg. This is practically impossible without professional tools and experience.

Moyer Pest Control is New Castle's premier pest control provider, and we have years of experience preventing and removing even the most stubborn bed bug infestations. Our time-tested, modern, and effective bed bug control solutions are guaranteed to stop bed bugs dead in their tracks.

Our years of experience in eliminating bed bugs in New Castle has taught us how to think like these pesky critters. We know where they’re hiding and how to find them.

Let Moyer Pest Control give you back a confident and comfortable night’s sleep by handling your bed bug worries with safe, friendly, and professional service. Reach out to us today to learn more about our bed bug control options.

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