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Where To Find Bed Bugs In West Chester

June 28, 2018

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Do you think you may have bed bugs, but you can't actually find them? It happens. Sometimes bed bugs aren't in your bed. You can rip the covers and the sheets off, inspect every inch of your mattress and box spring, and find yourself scratching your head (and all those bites) wondering where the bed bugs are. Here are a few things to consider.

If someone in your life has told you that bed bugs are so small that you can't see them with your naked eye, you might think that the bed bugs are inside your mattress and that the solution is to throw your mattress out. First of all, bed bugs are small but they're not invisible to the naked eye. When a bed bug hatches, it is about 1mm in length. That's pretty small, but not "too small" to see. Second, bed bugs don't generally live inside mattresses. They don't bore their way through the pores of a mattress. Often, they can be found in the creases around the edge of a mattress. If they do get inside your mattress is it because they found a hole. When this happens, you should see black feces around this hole. Bed bugs leave their black feces everywhere they go.

When bed bugs infest a bed, they will usually hide in gaps, cracks, and crevices. They might be inside the box spring. They might be in the headboard. They might be in the creases around the edges. But bed bugs aren't always in the bed. They may be near your bed. Here are a few places you might find bed bugs:

  • In a bed stand or piece of furniture next to your bed.
  • Behind the baseboard, especially where it is close to the bed.
  • Behind crown molding that runs up the wall.
  • In upholstered furniture.
  • In the alarm clock. Bed bugs can crawl up inside any electronic device and find a location within to establish themselves.
  • Under the carpet. It is especially common to find bed bugs living under the edge of a carpet.
  • In a wall outlet or inside the wall void.

If you have bed bugs living in any of the locations listed above, you're likely to see black droppings, black streaks, or black patches in these places. The feces left by bed bugs are one of the best ways to find them. But even when you look for the signs bed bugs leave behind, they can still elude detection. When it comes to eliminating bed bugs, there are few pests as frustrating.

If you live in West Chester, or our Pennsylvania service area, give us a call for immediate assistance with this frustrating issue. We're standing by to explain all of our bed bug control options

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