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Where Do The Ticks In Souderton Go During The Winter?

January 15, 2020


With the winter season in full swing, all sorts of pests and critters have either died off or hunkered down for the winter until things warm up – but ticks don’t just go away because it gets cold out. Ticks are small, blood-sucking pests that latch onto a host and stay there until they are full. Tick bites on their own aren’t harmful to humans, but they can cause allergic reactions for some people, and some ticks can transmit diseases to humans through their bites. Knowing how to prevent ticks can keep you from being harmed by these pesky pests.

When Are Ticks Active?

Most people believe  ticks are only a risk in the warmer months, but that’s not exactly the case. Though ticks are most active in summer and fall, they still cause issues in the winter. Their behavior is determined by their species: some ticks, such as the American dog tick and lone star tick, will hibernate and remain dormant until it’s warm again; others, like the black-legged tick –  also referred to as the deer tick – continue hunting for a host as long as the temperature remains above freezing and, even after freezing temperatures come, ticks can stay warm and cozy in the fur of warm-blooded animals.

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Black-legged ticks are dangerous to humans, as they can carry Lyme disease. Being able to identify these ticks can save you from unnecessary pain caused by Lyme disease. Black-legged ticks are oval in shape and are flatter than other ticks. They are distinguishable by their brownish bodies but black legs, as their name implies. These ticks are most common on white-tailed deer but can make a host out of just about any mammal or bird.

Preventing Ticks

There are multiple things you can do to make your Souderton property less attractive to ticks. The first thing you can do is to clear away any debris in your yard, as ticks will use this as shelter right outside your home. You can prevent ticks from attacking you when out doing activities such as hiking by taking the correct preventative measures like wearing tick repellent and/ or long pants tucked into your socks. Light-colored clothing can also help you spot ticks more easily.

Professional Help

Ticks can be a real hassle to get rid of, and many people just don’t have the time. That’s why the most effective method of tick removal and prevention is calling the professionals. If you have found ticks on your property, contact the tick control professionals at Moyer Pest Control today for a tick-free Souderton yard.

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