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Where Do Termites Go When It’s Winter In Souderton?

January 16, 2019

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When Souderton homeowners think of a termite infestation, it often strikes fear in their hearts. Termites are known to do extensive damage to homes. And that damage is often not covered by standard homeowners’ insurance. Preventing termite infestations should be a top priority for all homeowners, even in winter. Yes, we said in winter. Termites can continue to do a great deal of damage even in the colder months.

What Happens to Termites in the Winter in Pennsylvania?

You might be wondering where termites go during the winter in Souderton. The simple answer is that they go underground and wait it out until spring. That, however, is not always the correct answer. Termites can tolerate cold temperatures. If we have a mild winter, termites can continue to remain active, particularly if they have taken up residence under a warm slab or foundation. But, generally speaking, their activity slows down a great deal.

Why can Termites Remain Active Inside PA Homes?

Warmth is key. If your Souderton home is well insulated and warm and you already have an active termite infestation, they will continue to stay active all winter long. Unfortunately, year-round termite activity means that termites may be speeding up the damage they are causing to your home and often go undetected. In the winter, we won’t see swarmers and we are less likely to be inspecting our homes, so the termites can go on living happily destroying your home.

Year-Round Infestations Means Year-Round Protection

Don’t make the mistake that some homeowners make, thinking that termites aren’t active in the winter and that they don’t need to protect their homes. As you can see, termites can be a year-round problem for Souderton homeowners. Moyer Pest Control is your best solution for year-round protection from termites. We utilize Termidor® termiticide/insecticide, America’s #1 termite defense product, to eliminate current termite activity and prevent future termite infestations. Before you are stuck dealing with extensive damage and the stress of dealing with uncooperative insurance companies, contact us today to help protect your Souderton home.

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