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Where Are Bed Bugs Found?

March 11, 2016

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Most of us know by now that bed bugs are a hitchhiking bug that can be picked up when we stay the night in a motel. It is even widely known that hotels and resorts can have these bugs as well. But, do you know all the places bed bugs can infest? Let's find out.

Do you think bed bugs can infest a 5-star luxury hotel?

If you said yes, you would be right. Bed bugs don't just hang out in dirty, rundown motels. They can be found in the cleanest and most well-kept establishments in the country. These creatures love to travel, even more so than we do. And since they ride in with guests, they are hard to keep out. Hotels, motels, and resorts that do not have constant bed bug inspections have difficulty controlling this pest.

Do you think bed bugs can be found in public transportation?

Don't bed bugs live in beds? There is no way they can infest public transportation. Sure, there might be one or two bugs that fell off someone, but you're not going to find these bugs living in public transportation, right? Actually, you might. Bed bugs have been found infesting a wide variety of public transportation. So, the next time you take a train, plane, bus, or taxi, be aware of what these bugs look like. They could be living inside the upholstered seat you're sitting on. Look for black fecal deposits in seams and in stitching. Smell for the dank musty odor these bugs give off. And learn what a bed bug looks like when you see one.

Do bed bugs infest libraries?

Think about it. Where do you put your library book when you're done reading it? Most of us who love to read, do so before bed. When those books get laid near the bedside, they can become a target for female bed bugs to leave eggs. This has caused issues for some libraries across the country.

Do bed bugs infest movie theaters?

While you're eating popcorn, is something eating you? Sadly, the answer can be yes. Bed bugs have been found in movie theaters. These blood eaters don't need to wait till you're sleeping. They can feed on humans that are fully awake, without detection. This makes them an infestation threat for any public place where people sit, especially in the dark.

As bed bugs become more and more of a threat, it is vital to know what these bugs look like and what signs to look for when you travel. It is also important to protect your home or business with routine inspections from a pest control company that employs bed bug sniffing dogs. K9 Inspectors can quickly move through rooms, without disturbing items, to sniff out bed bug infestations before they start. The powerful nose on a dog can smell bed bugs that haven't even hatched from their eggs yet.

Protect your home and business with K9 Inspection Services from Moyer Indoor | Outdoor and help to stop the spread of bed bug infestations in our country, in all the places they can be found.

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