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When Will The Mosquitoes Leave New Castle?

September 30, 2019

a mosquito biting a new castle deleware resident on the arm durring an early fall evening

When you think about mosquitoes, do you imagine the uncomfortable, itchy bites they leave on your arms, legs, and bodies? These warm-weather pests are notorious for ruining barbeques and creating disturbances with outdoor activities. Unfortunately, the problems mosquitoes cause doesn’t stop at being an itchy annoyance. Mosquitoes here in New Castle can carry serious illnesses known for causing life-long health issues or even being fatal. 

Some individuals are inherently more attractive to mosquitoes than others. People with Type O blood are twice as attractive to mosquitoes than individuals with Type A blood. Mosquitoes are also attracted to several compounds found in sweat, such as lactic acid, ammonia, and uric acid. Additionally, mosquitoes target their victims by sensing carbon dioxide emissions, which means the more you exhale, the more attractive you become. 

The Life Cycle of a Mosquito

Mosquitoes have four stages of life. Egg, larva, pupa, and adult. A mosquito’s life cycle begins when a female mosquito lays her eggs in standing water. Most of these eggs will hatch into larvae within 48 hours, while others might survive in freezing water during winter and hatch once the weather warms up again. Larvae live in pools of water and come to the surface to breathe. They feed on organic matter in the water and molt four times. After the fourth molt, the larvae turn into a pupa. During the pupa stage, they do not feed and go through a state of metamorphosis, similar to that of a butterfly. Once this stage is complete, the pupal skin splits open and an adult emerges, which begins the cycle over again. 

Why You Need Professional mosquito Services 

Mosquitoes are known for being summer pests. While mosquitoes can survive in milder weather, they prefer temperatures over 80 degrees and thrive in areas with high heat and humidity. Once temperatures drop below 50 degrees, mosquitoes start to become inactive. Some mosquitoes lay eggs in freezing water before dying, while others hibernate through winter. Either way, mosquitoes always return in spring to feed on our blood and ruin outdoor gatherings. It can be difficult to keep your New Castle property protected from mosquitoes without help. 

The best defense against these dangerous pests is professional mosquito control from Moyer Pest Control. Our service professionals find and target areas of high mosquito activity on New Castle properties and work to treat mosquito problems effectively. Contact Moyer Pest Control today for protection from mosquitoes all year long!

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