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When Bed Bug Prevention Fails

February 16, 2018

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Bed bug infestation is on the rise all around the country. The economy is better than it has been in a decade, and believe or not, there is a correlation with the high level of bed bug infestations. Whenever the economy is good, more jobs are created, and many of these jobs involve travel, in the form of daily commutes or business trips. Also, when people have jobs, they’re earning money. As they earn money, they’re more willing to spend the money to go on vacations or travel to visit family members. Regardless of its fluctuating health, the economy has grown steadily, and public transportation has been utilized by more and more people as urban areas develop, assisting bed bugs to travel around the country and the world, stowed away in clothing and luggage.

All that being said, bed bugs are out there, and may even be in your home now. If your infestation isn’t that serious yet, you might not even realize that you have bed bugs. Take a look at the corners of your bedding and the creases in the folded areas of your sheets in particular. Are there brown, orange, or red smudge marks?  Are there molted shells of now-adult bugs? What about some dark brown to black looking smudges? These are all solid indicators that you have a rising bed bug problem. You may actually wake up to find some bite marks on your body. Bed bug bites often come in groups, and can look almost like a rash, so make sure you know what you’re looking at before you react.

To minimize the risk and spread of bed bugs, you'll want to:

  • Wash and dry bedding and clothes regularly. Be sure to use a high temp wash and dry for at least 30 minutes.

  • Vacuum thoroughly at least 2 times a week. Vacuum all carpets and fabric furniture in your home or business; you want to make sure that you suck up any left-over eggs or larvae.

  • Check items like handbags, backpacks, and luggage after being out in public. Bed bugs will hide in seams and pockets, hoping to come home with you.

  • Avoid bringing used furniture, especially bed frames, box springs, and mattresses, into your home.

In many cases, despite the best efforts of those infested, they just cannot rid themselves of the nasty critters that sleep with them every night. Bed bugs are notoriously resilient, and often require the special skills and tools that only a professional has. Moyer Pest Control has been identifying and eradicating bed bugs in the Pennsylvania area for years.

Since we’re committed to providing our customers with immediate relief, Moyer will arrive within 24 hours of a call. Our specialists will make sure that the methods used to eradicate your infestation comply with the EPA rules and regulations so that the health and safety of you, your family, customers, and pets are not put in jeopardy. Let’s get rid of those bed bugs today!

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