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When Are Stink Bugs Active In New Castle County?

February 27, 2019

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When Are Stink Bugs Active in New Castle County?

If your home does not currently have a stink bug problem, we have good news for you. Your home has not fallen victim to overwintering stinkbugs that were seeking shelter from the cold last fall. This is awesome, but it does not mean your home will be safe this year as stink bugs return and begin invading homes, sometimes in large numbers. Here are some good things to know.

Seasonality For Stink Bugs And Why They Will Soon Be Back

The longer our winter is, the shorter stink bug season will last. This direct connection is due to the fact that stink bugs can only live in above-freezing temperatures. When the weather gets cold, stink bugs are forced to find warm shelter or go dormant in tight, dry, and cold places. However, when the weather begins to heat back up, stink bugs will be reemerging to cause issues and bring annoyance once again. This could be as early as the beginning of spring or could be closer to summer, depending on when the colder weather decides to end this year. Either way, they will become a problem again. Here are some of the ways how.

Problems And Nuisance Factors Stink Bugs Bring To Homes

Although stink bugs are not dangerous or disease-carrying pests, they can definitely cause a variety of problems. These problems usually include the nasty smell they give off when crushed; nevermind the way they crawl and fly everywhere when they have invaded. There are simple tips to learn how to avoid these problems. 

The Hassles Of DIY Stink Bug Prevention

Stink bugs are the type of pests that do not try to remain hidden when invading homes. Because of this, they often wander through an open door or window. Once they are inside the problem is how to get them out without killing them and releasing their pungent odor. This is often harder said than done, and that is just the hassle of dealing with one stink bug.

How Professional Treatment Can Help

When it comes to general pest control and keeping stink bugs out this spring and summer, you will find no one better for the job than Moyer Pest Control. Our treatments are designed to keep stink bugs out of your home and off your mind. This will not only relieve you of the hassle of catching and disposing of unwanted stink bugs, but also the trouble of dealing with other common pest invaders as well. Give us a call today and let us help find a plan or service that best suits your needs.

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