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What You Need To Know About Bed Bugs Before Your Next Vacation

January 29, 2015

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You might think that the threat of bed bugs are from a bygone era and dismiss it as a non- problem in today’s society. Since the 1990s, the lowly bedbug has reappeared on the scene as a formidable foe in the world of pest control. Due to the increase in international travel and the fact that people just are not aware of this bug and its habits, the bed bug has become a very real threat to our present day and age.

The bedbug is at home wherever it can make sure that it has a warm blooded host to feed on. These pests get their name from preferring to live within mattresses, giving them easy access to sleeping bodies, which makes for an easy meal. Mattresses are not the only place these fast breeding pests can be found. They have been known to inhabit couch cushions, chairs, closets and pet bedding as well. These tiny, apple seed size bugs are at home anywhere that is undisturbed and has an easy access to a food source. It is likely that you will probably not know that you have a problem until you notice itchy, red spots on your body or a small amount of blood on your sheet. The good news is that they can make you itch and cause rashes but they are not known to carry any diseases that would be harmful to you.

The most common way to spread a bed bug infestation in today’s world is by bringing them home with you when you have traveled. You leave home expecting a nice weekend away, and come back with a few extra souvenirs. You can help prevent the spread of these pests by inspecting carefully the hotel room that you are staying in. Look at the mattress, particularly around the headboard. If you see any tiny blood specks, or small brown stains, you might have a bed bug problem. Also, take care to check all of the other furniture in the room. Even if you find nothing, store your suitcase in a black plastic bag to prevent any bugs from finding their way into your clothing. When you return from your trip, wash all of you clothes, even what you have not worn and vacuum out your luggage thoroughly. This all might seem like overkill, but when it comes to fighting this quick breeding pest, it is much better, and much less expensive to be safe than sorry.

When it comes to bedbugs, there really is no home remedy that can safely solve your infestation problem, if you do have them. You will need to contact a quality pest control company and they will help you deal with the problem safely and quickly.

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