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What You Don't Know About Rodents CAN Hurt You

January 19, 2015

Rodents In Your Home and Business

Did your mom every say, "What you don't won't hurt you." Well, for the record, this doesn't include rodents. If you don't know what rodents can do to your home and your family, you might be tempted to shrug your shoulders when you see one crawl along the wall of your home or business.

There are many kinds of rodents, but the two you need to worry about the most are rats and mice. If you see one of these, this is what you need to know.

  • According to the CDC rodents can carry the following diseases: Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, lassa fever, leptospirosis, LCM, Omsk, Rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, tularemia. If you're not aware, hemorrhagic means that your blood vessels burst. If you have hemorrhagic anything, that is bad news.

  • Rodents also spread bacterial illness which leads to stomach cramps, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and other flu-like symptoms.

  • Rodents can carry parasites in their fur, like fleas, mites, ticks, and lice. Yes. Rodents can bring lice in your home. Lice, like all parasites, require a host. Most people wrongly think that human contact is the only way you get lice, but wild animals spread lice to homes that are vulnerable to invasion.

  • Mice produce faster than rabbits. Their estrous cycle is 4-6 days, their gestation period is 19-21 days, and they can give birth to 3-14 babies in each litter. With one female mouse having 5-10 litters per year, that is a lot of mice.

  • A female rat can breed within two days of giving birth, and a rat reaches sexual maturity within five weeks. Seriously. You can't make this stuff up.

  • After an extermination attempt, if any rats remain, they will increase their reproductive efforts.

  • Rodents contaminate food by chewing through cardboard and paper packaging.

  • Rodents also chew through wood, insulation, and wiring, making them a fire hazard in your home or business.

  • The size of rodent colonies will depend upon access to food.

This is not a pest you want to get rid of on your own. Have a professional safely eradicate all rodents living in your home or business, clean infected areas, and seal your walls from future entry. You should never live with wild rodents. If you live in West Chester, PA give Moyer Indoor | Outdoor a call. With over 140 years of experience, they are the right choice.

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