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What You Can Do To Prevent Spiders From Invading Your New Castle Home

March 15, 2019

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A new castle home seen through a large web with a full spider nesting on it
As the weather gets nicer, the bugs become thicker. We are all familiar with the increase in bugs that spring brings with it. The warm weather is nice, but we want to be able to enjoy it instead of fighting off insects in our New Castle homes. The increase in insects also means an increase in spider activity. Where the bugs are, spiders will follow. Our goal at Moyer Pest is to help homes stay pest free. If you want to keep spiders out, prevention should begin now. Here is how you can prevent spiders from invading your New Castle home.

Spider Prevention

  • Seal all entry points along the exterior of your home. Not only are spiders getting in, but that means insects are, too. Inspecting the outside of your home is a great place to start. Seal off any cracks and crevices found along your foundation. Caulk along doors and windows, and place screens in windows.
  • Prevent insects from entering. If spiders are entering your home, it’s usually to follow food sources. Occasionally, spiders may enter randomly, but the majority build webs where they’ll likely catch insects. Sealing off openings will help with this problem. You can also keep trash well-sealed and food covered. Be sure to immediately clean up spills and crumbs.
  • Reduce moisture. Sometimes spiders enter homes because the habitat is ideal. They enjoy dark, humid areas that are somewhat secluded. Basements, bathrooms, and other areas high in moisture can attract them. Repair any leaks and consider purchasing a dehumidifier. Reducing moisture can help prevent other pests, as well.
  • Clean, clean, clean! Okay, this isn’t exactly what you wanted to hear, but cleaning can help keep spiders out of your home. These creatures enjoy dwelling in rarely touched locations, like hard-to-reach ceiling corners, under the couch, in the garage, and more. If these areas remain clean, spiders are less likely to keep coming back to rebuild their webs.
  • Contact pest control. If you are seeing spiders in and around your home, professional pest control is the best way to get rid of them and actively prevent them. It can be difficult to eliminate spiders on your own. They hide in hard-to-reach locations and some lay hundreds of eggs at a time. Professional pest control can get the job done without causing stress for you.
For more helpful tips, visit our previous blogs, House Spider Prevention Tips and Top Five Things that Attract Spiders. Get started protecting your home with Moyer Pest Control. Our treatments are safe and EPA registered for use. We provide fast and efficient services, and provide same-day or next day services. Protect your family and your home with Moyer Indoor | Outdoor.

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