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What To Do Once You Find Bed Bugs Inside Your Souderton Home

August 12, 2022


Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small, wingless pests that primarily feed on human blood using a mouthpiece that allows them to pierce through the skin. The adults have a flat, oval-shaped body style that measures approximately four to five millimeters and appear reddish-brown. Young bed bugs (nymphs) that are still developing are often somewhat translucent in shades of white or yellow.

Many studies suggest that nearly one in five Americans have encountered bed bugs at some time. As largely nocturnal pests that usually hide during the day, bed bugs prefer to crawl onto their victims while they sleep. Unlike ticks, mosquitoes, and other blood-consuming pests, bed bugs are unlikely to spread harmful diseases; however, people occupying homes with a significant infestation often experience anxiety and struggle with sleepless nights.

Bed bugs are well-known for rapidly reproducing, meaning that a somewhat minor intrusion will likely develop into a major infestation that requires treatment from a professional exterminator to eliminate completely. Do you suspect that bed bugs are now residing in your home? A licensed Souderton pest control company understands how to treat bed bugs and the best practices regarding how to prevent bed bugs from returning to your home. 

Do You Know How To Spot Bed Bug Bites?

When they bite, bed bugs inject an agent that has a numbing effect; therefore, a sleeping victim is unlikely to awaken at the time of a bed bug bite. The areas of bitten skin commonly appear as small, red, and itchy spots on regions of the body, including the neck, arms, and other exposed areas. Scratching at the bite marks excessively is strongly discouraged, as this might open a wound that makes the area susceptible to a secondary infection. 

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Three Visual Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Are you perplexed by the question, how do I know if I have bed bugs? Despite emerging primarily at night, bed bugs typically leave behind some signs that indicate their presence, including:

  • Mattress covers, pillowcases, and other similar materials often have minor red blood stains or dark smears of feces.
  • As bed bug infestations expand, an unpleasant odor will likely develop in the bedroom area.
  • Check bedding materials for any small “whitish” eggs that have a sticky texture or cracked shell remnants.

Bed bugs are often misidentified as carpet beetles or similar pests, partially due to their very tiny size, making them difficult to clearly see with the naked eye. In some homes with a significant infestation, competition for food sources might create a scarcity that encourages bed bugs to pursue a blood meal during the daytime more aggressively. 

First Steps You Should Take After Finding Bed Bugs

If you suspect having exposure to bed bugs, promptly wash all clothing and bedding materials and machine dry them on a higher heat setting. Use a vacuum with a strong suction on carpeting and around the bed and baseboard areas. Promptly consult with a professional pest controller to schedule an inspection.

Top Reasons D.I.Y. Bed Bug Control Often Fails

Far too many property owners acquire do-it-yourself home pest control products from local stores that these shops promote as a “fast and easy” solution. Unfortunately, several weeks or months later, many of these individuals are still dealing with bed bugs that either evaded the chemicals or just recently emerged from their eggs. A properly qualified pest controller has the knowledge and equipment to eradicate these troublesome infestations fully.

The trained specialists with Moyer Pest Control will safely and quickly oust bed bug infestations. We will choose from various treatment options for eliminating bed bugs, which include conventional methods, timely follow-up applications, and specialized heat treatment. Contact our office today for an inspection. 

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