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What To Do If Spiders Have Invaded Your New Castle County Home

February 25, 2019

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What to Do If Spiders Have Invaded Your New Castle County Home

We can all agree that creepy crawly spiders should not be welcome in our homes. But do you know why? It can be easy to think that since spiders are scary, they are also dangerous. But the most common species of spider here in New Castle County is not dangerous at all. In fact, it can be beneficial. Now, before you click off and decide that living with spiders is better than getting them out of your home, let us share a few facts.
First, spiders themselves are a sign of other pests. Because of their hunt-and-kill lifestyle, spiders will not go anywhere that is lacking in food (which, in most cases, are other pests). So if you have spiders in your home, you have even more of a reason to need general pest control than for just the spiders in your home.
Second, spiders can draw in other pests, primarily ones that consider spiders to be a good source of food. These pests bring their own troubles that can sometimes far outweigh the problems that spiders cause.
Lastly, seeing a few spiders in your home may not seem like a major problem, but keeping in mind that spiders often multiply very quickly may make you think again. Even if one spider is not a threat, several hundred would be quite the nuisance.

Steps To Take If You Have A Spider Problem

If spiders have invaded your home, there are a few things you can do to deter them.
  • Check your exterior foundation for cracks or gaps spiders could be using to invade and seal them using a high-quality caulk and caulking gun.
  • When tidying up around your home, make sure to clean around the corners and edges of your rooms where spiders will often build their webs.
  • Consider installing door sweeps on exterior doors and make sure all of your window screens are in good repair.
  • Seek out and fix leaks and remove water build up from around your home. Many species of spiders are attracted to moist and humid areas of your home.
  • For particularly humid areas of your home, consider running a dehumidifier to reduce moisture build up.
  • Keep exterior lights off at night as much as possible or install insect-resistant light bulbs. This will decrease the number of insects buzzing or crawling around your home at night which attract spiders.

Why Call Moyer ASAP For Your Pest Problems

If you are finding spiders in your home and would like to see them gone, give the professionals here at Moyer a call today. Not only do we have proven solutions for spiders, but we have treatment plans to handle the pests they invade for and the pests that invade for them. Don’t wait to find your freedom from pests, contact Moyer and let us find a solution that will work for you.

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