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What Termite Season Means For Souderton Property Owners

April 9, 2021


Unlike most pests, the colonialist woodcutters known as termites don’t go to sleep or stop working during harsh winter months. Though they are active all year round, termites become noticeably active in late April and early May. This period is known as the start of the termite season.

During termite season, winged reproductives of established nests fly from the established colony with their mates to start up new colonies of their own. These winged pests, otherwise known as swarmers, are much easier to spot when invading human homes than their peasant worker counterparts.

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The Problems Inherent To A Termite Infestation

Every year, termites cost homeowners in the United States alone over five billion dollars in damage and control. Furthermore, termite damages are typically not covered by homeowners insurance meaning that if you suffer a termite problem, you will have to pay for damages out of pocket.

The seemingly obvious solution to termite problems is to keep a watchful eye for these invaders. However, they are notoriously difficult to detect until they're well established on your property. Termites rarely, if ever, venture out of the walls and into a person’s line of sight. If termite swarmers make themselves visible, know that there is an active termite colony nearby and you likely have a serious problem on your hands.

How Do I Make My Souderton Property Inhospitable To Termites?

Swarmers may often be the first sign of an infestation, but if you want to keep your Souderton property termite-free long term, it is imperative to take the steps necessary to keep termites out before they can ever find their way inside. 
Our experts at Moyer Pest Control put together some helpful tips to help you understand more about termites and how they could make their way into your Souderton home.

  • There are two types of termites out there. Some live in structures built above ground, while others live in nests burrowed out under the soil. To prosper underground, the latter type takes advantage of mud tubes or thin streams of muddy soil that will connect their tunnels to food sources. Keep an eye out around the foundation of your home for their tubes and clear them out if they are formed.
  • Are you the type to cut down fresh firewood for your fireplace? If you don’t want this lumber enticing any nearby termites to your location, don’t leave it outside or anywhere near your home itself. Be careful to inspect spare timber before dragging it into your house.
  • Minimize direct contact between wood and soil around your home to prevent ground-dwelling pests from burrowing right through it without your knowledge.
  • Avoid moisture problems in or around your home. If you have rotting wood, remove it. Also, try to find the source of the rot. Inspect your home for leaking pipes and proper drainage.

One of the worst aspects of a termite infestation is just how quickly they tend to become overwhelming. Don’t feel ashamed if DIY tips meant to keep termites away simply don't work, especially if you have a colony in your home or nearby. In reality, the best form of termite protection comes from recurring professional termite control. Reach out to the experts at Moyer Pest Control to find out what we can do for you! 

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