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What Souderton's Best Professional Bed Bug Control Process Looks Like

August 3, 2020


How much effort do you put into getting restful sleep? Do you own an expensive mattress? Have you gone through a dozen or more pillows to find one that works best for your needs? Or could you sleep on a slab of concrete with a rock as a pillow with no issues? Regardless of what you do for a good sleep at night, we can assume you would rather not share that sleep with blood-thirsty bed bugs. Today we are talking about the problems bed bugs cause and why professional bed bug control is your best option for eliminating them from your home.

The Problem With Bed Bugs

A pest that drinks your blood has to be dangerous, right? Interestingly enough, bed bugs aren’t known for spreading any diseases here in America. They are, however, known to cause anemia and insomnia, anemia being associated with larger, more severe infestations, and insomnia when bed bug infestations are discovered by homeowners.

This makes sense. Anyone would have trouble getting good sleep knowing that their blood was being sucked out by tiny parasitic bugs.

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What Professional Bed Bug Control Looks Like

Our process of dealing with bed bug starts with an assessment of the problem. In this assessment, one of our highly trained pest technicians will determine whether your infestation is low, moderate, or severe. The larger the problem, the more detailed our elimination strategy will be.

Smaller infestations are handled with targeted treatments and a follow-up visit 14-21 days after the initial application.

Medium infestations are handled in a similar way with targeted treatments. The only difference is that when your technician returns in 14-21 days after the initial service visit, they will then apply Aprehend®. This product is a biopesticide composed of fungal spores which is used to ensure that, if any bed bugs survived the initial service visit, they won’t live long enough to tell their friends about it.

Larger infestations require thorough heat treatment of the home along with a follow-up visit in 14-21 days. To perform a heat treatment, the home is heated to 117-122 degrees. At this temperature, bed bugs will die, but none of your furniture, clothing, or other belongings will be harmed. Plus, with heat treatments, no residual chemicals or residue is left inside the home.

Our Free Inspections

At Moyer, we believe every homeowner should know what pest problem they are up against. This is why we offer free inspections. If you think your home has a bed bug infestation, let us know. We will send one of our highly trained and friendly technicians your way ASAP to help you find out what you are up against. After they have finished, they will give you a thorough report as well as your treatment options if bed bugs were found.

Why Choose Moyer?

At Moyer Pest Control, we go above and beyond the call of duty. No matter what pest problem you are dealing with, we have a solution ready for the job. If you suspect your home has a bed bug infestation, do not hesitate to get us involved. We can ensure the best care is applied to your home and that your problem is dealt with quickly and effectively.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we treat for bed bugs, or to schedule an inspection for your Souderton home. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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