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What Smells Will Keep Souderton Mosquitoes Away?

April 14, 2021


Let’s get this out of the way: everyone with a pulse hates mosquitoes. It’s easy to see why such bloodthirsty pests are perhaps the most commonly abhorred on Earth. When enjoying a spring or summer afternoon in your backyard, their bites are inevitable.
Mosquitoes are obnoxious pests to be sure, but regardless of which of the subspecies you face, every bite will put you at risk of contracting a potentially deadly disease like the Zika virus or West Nile virus. Here in Pennsylvania, we have more than sixty subspecies of mosquitoes, and several of them transmit vector-borne illnesses. It’s no wonder why people want quick, cheap, and simple alternatives to the mosquito spray!

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The Effectiveness Of Mosquito Repellants Versus Essential Oils

For relief from mosquitoes, people usually begin by applying insect repellant. However, no spray ever seems to be universally effective. Even worse, these sprays will not reduce your mosquito population. For some, it seems, no store-bought spray in the world is enough to keep mosquitoes away. Even if they work, these sprays are often toxic. So where should you turn next?

For many, the most logical alternative to the limits of an insecticide is essential oils. It stands to reason that there must be at least one all-natural odor that can ward them away. In formal tests, the pests have shown an aversion to certain scents, but unfortunately, the jury is still out on the effectiveness of pure oils in preventing mosquito attacks.

Four Scents Proven To Deter Mosquitoes

While the negative effects of essential oils on mosquitoes are less than ideal for efficient usage, the research is there to show how much these bloodthirsty bugs abhor certain smells. The experts at Moyer Pest Control would love to show you the scents we have found to be most effective at deterring mosquitoes, but first, take note: whatever source you implement for its odor, be smart and mix the stuff with a neutralizing agent before use.

  • While sweet, flowery smells are often a draw for mosquitoes, as males of the species exclusively drink nectar, they do not like the aroma of lavender. 
  • Cinnamon is a very powerful scent from a very aggressive spice. Humans can’t even eat it on their own, and mosquitoes aren’t too far off the mark. The smell, distilled into cinnamon oil, works well to dispel mosquitoes.
  • Made from the stems and leaves of a variety of lemongrass herbs, hence its citrusy name, citronella oil is yet another that mosquitoes can’t seem to stand. If you plan to mix this substance yourself, just be aware that if your formula is wrong, your oil is likely to evaporate much too quickly to be useful.
  • Tea tree oil, otherwise known as melaleuca oil, is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic substance shown to be effective at repelling not only mosquitoes but also biting flies and other such pests. Give the stuff a try to send pests barking up a different tree.

Now that you’ve gotten the scent for warding away bloodthirsty pests, you should know that treatment can go much farther than just well-placed aromas. However, though aromas may keep mosquitoes away, they will not actively reduce the overall population on your property. For more advice on prevention tips or an in-depth mosquito control plan for your Souderton property, reach out to the professionals at Moyer Pest Control today!

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