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What's With All The Mice?

February 1, 2017

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mouse looking for winter shelter

If you're seeing mice in your Pennsylvania home, it can be a little baffling. Isn't it winter outside? Yup. It sure is. But we're actually getting a lot of call from folks fighting these frustrating and dirty pests. Here are a few reasons why.

Mice don't always make noise. If you're wondering how mice got into your home when there is snow on the ground outside, it may be because those mice got in during the fall, and you're only now hearing them. This could be due to a route change. Mice prefer to be close to their food source, but when a food source dries up, they will bump and thump their way through your walls to find a new one. If the walls they are bumping and thumping in is one of your bedroom walls, that would explain why you're hearing them now.

Mice are nocturnal. If you're starting to hear mice that have been in your home for a while, it could be due to a change in your schedule. If you were working late shifts, and are now on days, that could be why you're hearing those mice.

They could be outside mice. We've had a pretty mild winter this year. The increase in mice infestations could be due to spikes in temperature. Since mice don't hibernate, and they are gifted with a wonderful fur coat, they can be active, even on cold days, but the warmer the winter days are, the more likely these rodents will be to brave the elements.

The biggest reasons mice come into homes, if they're not already living in one, is to find food. It is much harder for mice to get a bite to eat, outside, during the winter. When their stored resources run out, it will drive them to expand their foraging efforts. This can bring them into homes and businesses. It may be what brought them into yours.

If you live in our Pennsylvania service area, and you're struggling with mice, help is just a call away. Our team of pest specialists uses the most advanced inspection, trapping, and monitoring methods in the industry. They will make sure that no mice remain in your home, and that the conditions that allowed mice to enter are properly dealt with.

Mice can get into homes in winter. When they do, they are likely to stay, even when the spring temperatures come. Get fast, effective rodent control with Moyer Pest Control, and protect your home and family from these destructive, illness-spreading pests.

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