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What's That Spider Inside My Souderton Home?

July 12, 2019

a large brown recluse spider crawling along the hard wood floors in a souderton pennsylvania home

You would probably be lying if you stated you have never seen, dealt with, or experienced spiders in your Souderton household. After all, spiders seem to be pests that are incredibly common in our area, and they are perfectly capable of invading your property this year. Despite how common these home-invading pests are, most residents couldn’t name the type of spiders they have found inside their homes. However, it can be important to know what spiders are common here in Souderton and how to identify them.

Common Souderton Spiders

While most spiders try to avoid interaction with their human housemates, there is still the possibility that you could frighten one and be bitten. Thankfully, the large majority of spiders are not capable of leaving you with more than a painful bite—however, there have been a few cases of Souderton residents being bitten by a black widow or brown recluse spider. While these incidents are not common, it is still very important to be aware of what they look like.

  • Brown recluse: A light brown or tan spider with a darker brown marking resembling the shape of a violin or fiddle. Also known as the "fiddle spider."
  • Black widow: These spiders are dark brown to black in color with a bright red hourglass symbol on their abdomens.

The two spiders listed above are rare in Pennsylvania, though they do occasionally travel here in boxes or shipments from other states. The two spiders listed below are far more common, and also more likely to be found in your Souderton home.

  • Wolf spiders: Wolf spiders are large, hairy, and definitely scary-looking. The good news is that they aren’t dangerous. A defining trait about these spiders is the fact that they are fast hunters that use their speed and dexterity to catch prey instead of waiting in a web.
  • Common house spiders: The American house spider or common house spider is a type of spider that is quite small—about 5mm to 8mm in length. These spiders are usually light tan or brown with darker stripes.


Problems Spiders Create

Spiders of all shapes and sizes can mean problems for your Souderton home. Other than being annoying, freakish, and creepy to find crawling around your home, spiders are known for leaving unsightly webs all around your property. However, if you are experiencing spiders on your property, it could indicate other pest problems in your home. Insects are the most likely reason spiders are attracted to your property. If flies, mosquitoes, moths, or other insects are entering your home, it won’t be long until spiders follow after them.

Moyer Pest Control deals with your spider problems so you don’t have to. Our pest professionals are always happy to inspect and treat your property for all sorts of pest issues, including those caused by spiders. With one of our residential pest control programs, your Souderton home can be 100% spider-free in no time at all. Contact Moyer today for answers to all your pest problems!

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