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What Pests Are Cooking In Your Kitchen?

January 27, 2012

mouse infestation in a souderton restaurant

Kitchens are a well-known culprit of pest infestations. Not just the kitchen at home, but restaurants and bars serve as a major food and water source for pests to live on. We recently wrote about how to prevent food infesting pests, but what about the other insects or rodents that may be in your kitchen? For commercial kitchens as well as bars, there are health and food safety concerns when it comes to pest invaders. Moyers would like offer those in Allentown, Bethlehem, Harleysville and other areas of Pennsylvania, a glimpse of what else may be spending time in your commercial kitchen or bar besides people, and what you can do to prevent an infestation.


Mice and rats can be a big problem in the kitchen. These pests are considered to be commensal, which means they share space with humans and depend upon us for their survival. So your commercial kitchen full of food is like a gold mine for rodents to thrive, if they are able to get in. Rodents are notorious for spreading germs that pose potentially serious health risks. They spread bacteria along with a serious respiratory disease called Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome which is fatal in some cases. Rodents spread these pathogens through contact with contaminated objects and also through their urine and feces. If you do happen to spot a rodent or their droppings in your kitchen you will want to call your pest control company immediately since one rodent spotted usually means there are more to follow.

In order to help prevent rodents from disturbing your kitchen and restaurant, you want to take a few precautions. Daily, clean and sanitize all surfaces that rodents may have come into contact while you were not there. Also, take the trash out away from the facility regularly so that there is no build up to attract the rodents inside. Be cautious if you leave any doors open to the outside. Many kitchens do keep a door open for air flow however, this can be an easy way to let mice and rats inside.


Flies are another common pest spotted in restaurant kitchens and bars. Not only are flies a major nuisance but they can spread around germs, bacteria and other potentially harmful pathogens. As flies go around from surface to surface they are not only spreading germs through contact, but they actually regurgitate the contents of their stomach, which even further spreads germs. Flies may even be at fault for food poisoning cases such as the spread of salmonella in some restaurants, leaving many people ill.

Another common fly sighting, especially in bars, are fruit flies, which are attracted to many types of liquor, wine, fruits, and drink mixers. Fruit flies become a huge problem as they gather in large numbers. Just like other flies, fruit flies can spread bacteria as they go from place to place, drink to drink. And there’s nothing worse than a fruit fly infested cocktail!

In order to prevent flies from taking over your kitchen or bar, it is essential to keep all surfaces clean and sanitized to remove bacteria, germs and also any food debris or drink spills. As with the rodents, taking the trash out regularly will help to eliminate some of the food sources for flies to be the regulars at your bar.


Commonly found in commercial kitchens are the dreadful cockroaches. These insects, like the other pests are after a food and water source. Cockroaches can cause allergies and asthma although this is more common in younger children. As they come into contact with your kitchen surfaces, they may spread harmful bacteria and other pathogens that can cause illness. Typically these pathogens are spread either through contact as they carry bacteria on the spines of their legs, or through their feces. It is the same story with prevention of cockroaches as with other pests. Taking out the trash regularly and keeping the kitchen clean and sanitized will be the best way to prevent these insects from crawling into your kitchen.

Whether you are cooking or mixing cocktails for your customers, there is no need for kitchen pests to be a part of the process. Pests in the food service industry leave a negative business image which is not good for your restaurant or bar. Not only do they bring a bad reputation, but they also bring about many health risks. To keep your Pennsylvania kitchen and bar free of pests, make sure to follow any preventative measures as well as maintaining your routine commercial pest control services. If you have any questions or would like more information on PA pest control from Moyer, please contact us today.

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