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What Is The Main Reason For Bed Bugs In West Chester Homes?

May 14, 2021


It’s scary to think that little insects could be feeding on your blood while you sleep, but that’s the unfortunate reality of having bed bugs. These bloodthirsty pests have long been considered a sign of poor hygiene and squalid living conditions. So, if you suspect you have bed bugs, you can feel ashamed to get help, fearing how people might judge you. But the truth is, bed bugs can happen to even the cleanest homes.

Why do people get bed bugs, anyway? And what is the main reason for bed bugs in West Chester homes?

Why Do I Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a serious pest problem to have. Like mosquitoes and ticks, bed bugs are blood-sucking pests that leave itchy welts as a result of their bites. An infestation can rob you of a good night’s sleep, straining your mood and mental state. But you don’t have to feel ashamed if you or someone you know has bed bugs. In fact, anyone can get bed bugs, regardless of how clean and hygienic they may be.

Bed bugs don’t just magically appear when a home has reached a certain level of filthiness. They have to be introduced to the home. In apartment buildings and dormitories, bed bugs are sometimes known to crawl from one residence to the next. But bed bugs are not going to crawl from your neighbor’s house across the street to infest your home. If you have bed bugs, it’s likely because they were accidentally brought home. 

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Where Did I Get Bed Bugs?

There are a few bed bug hotspots that you should be aware of. These are places you may go as part of your daily routine that are known to harbor these nasty pests.

  • Laundromats – If you wash your clothes at a laundromat, it’s possible that bed bugs from other people's laundry made their way into your basket.

  • Public transportation – Buses that have fabric-covered seats are a known hotspot for bed bugs.

  • Hotels – You can bring bed bugs home as a souvenir from your vacation by leaving luggage on your hotel room floor or furniture.

Bed bugs are famous for their ability to hitchhike their way around. Your bags, luggage, and even your clothing can serve as a vessel to transport hungry bed bugs back to your home. But you can reduce the chances of catching bed bugs by being more conscientious of your surroundings.

  • Keep laundry separate – At the laundromat, keep your laundry as far away from others as possible. Dry clothes on the hottest setting to kill bed bugs.

  • Keep your bag off the seats – Be careful of your bags when using public transportation.

  • Be aware of your luggage – Hang bags on coat hooks and store luggage on luggage racks when staying in hotels.

Does My Furniture Have Bed Bugs?

One of the most common ways people bring bed bugs into their home is by purchasing secondhand furniture. Bed bugs often hide away in the seams of old armchairs and ottomans, waiting for their next meal. And believe it or not, secondhand electronics and appliances can also carry bed bugs.

Whenever you obtain secondhand furniture or appliances, there’s a simple procedure for checking bed bugs you can follow. First, get a white or light-colored sheet and lay it on the floor. Use a credit card to scrape along the seams of the furniture and look for any eggshells, shed skin, or small insects that may fall onto the sheet. Using a flashlight, check the underside or interior of secondhand furniture and appliances for signs of bed bugs. 

Bed bugs are hard to prevent. So, if for any reason you end up with bed bugs in your West Chester home, contact the professionals at Moyer Pest Control right away. With three bed bug treatment options available, we can eliminate infestations of all sizes while keeping your home and your family safe. Get in touch with us today. 

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