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What Causes Bed Bugs In Souderton Homes?

February 2, 2021


People teach us early in life how to do things like eating, walking, and using a toilet. It isn’t until much later that we learn about things like changing the oil in your car, how to pay taxes or the best ways to deal with bed bugs. Unfortunately, not every important thing is taught to everyone. 

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Now we aren’t here to teach you how to pay taxes or change the oil in your car, but we can help you answer your questions about pests like bed bugs. If you do not know much about bed bugs and would like to know why and how these pests get into Souderton homes, here are a few things you should know.

Common Misconceptions About Bed Bugs 

Before we get into bed bug prevention, let’s talk about some common misconceptions many Americans believe and the truth behind each.
Bed bugs are too small to see: Because bed bugs are so hard to spot, people often assume they are too small to see. The truth is, bed bugs are the size of an apple seed and visibly reddish-brown. You are unlikely to see these pests simply because of how good they are at hiding.
Bed bugs are nocturnal: Nine times out of ten, bed bugs hide during the day and come out at night to feed. If you work a nighttime job and sleep during the day, bed bugs change their sleeping pattern to match when you are awake and will begin coming out during the day to feed, rather than at night.
Bed bugs only live around beds: By their name alone, one would assume bed bugs only infest beds. This could not be further from the truth. Bed bugs are clever pests and utilize every nook and cranny around a home to stay out of sight and avoid danger. 

How Bed Bugs Invade Homes

Bed bugs do not have the same advantages as many other pests. They do not crawl fast, they don’t have wings to fly, and they are incapable of surviving for long periods outdoors. To invade homes while staying comfortable, bed bugs hitchhike rides on items people carry. Backpacks, luggage, used furniture, electronics, and dirty clothing are just a few examples of things bed bugs use to get around.

Bed Bug Hotspots

Because bed bugs use people and the items they carry to get around, it is only natural that these pests would be more common around areas people congregate. In the pest control industry, we call these areas bed bug hotspots. Common bed bug hotspots include hotels, motels, movie theaters, medical facilities, airports, bus stations, daycare facilities, and schools.

4 Ways To Avoid Bed Bugs

  1. While away from home, thoroughly check rooms you will be staying in for live bed bugs, bloodstain, and reddish-black specks of fecal matter.

  2. Keep used clothing inside airtight plastic bags when on vacation and wash it on high heat when you get home.

  3. Teach your children about bed bugs and show them how to inspect their backpacks for these pests before coming home from school.

  4. Thoroughly inspect used items such as furniture, electronics, and clothing for live bed bugs and bed bug eggs.

The Only Way To Eliminate Bed Bugs

If you suspect your home has bed bugs, there is only one solution that guarantees quick and reliable results. At Moyer Pest Control, we pride ourselves on our advanced bed bug control. 
Using only industry-leading products and pest control strategies, we will quickly and effectively remove these pests from your Souderton home. Call our team today to have your home inspected for bed bugs.

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