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What Can I Do About The Ant Hills Around My New Castle Lawn?

May 29, 2019

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It’s May which means some homeowners are already seeing an increase in ant activity in their yards as well as ants trying to invade their homes. If you have ant hills around your New Castle lawn, this is a warning sign. Many species of ants live outside but will enter a home looking for food. So you may be asking yourself, “What can I do about the ant hills around my lawn?” If this is the case, this article is for you.

As the weather continues to warm in Pennsylvania, we’ll be seeing a lot of activity from ants. The most common types of ants we see are carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants. It can be hard to tell which type of ant is responsible for forming the ant hills in your yard. This is one of the reasons why ants are so hard to treat with DIY treatment methods. Different colonies require different techniques for effective removal. If the wrong technique is used, it will be ineffective.

Problems that Summer Ant Infestations Bring

With the majority of ant infestations, the main concern is food contamination. Ants are capable of breaking into food packaging and rifling through the pantry. However, there are some ants that can do severe damage to the structure of a home. Carpenter ants are the most damaging ants to have inside wooden structures. They will chip away tunnels within your home that will allow them to get around and build nests. This tunneling weakens the structure of a home, poses a threat to safety, and results in costly repairs.

What Homeowners Can Do Once They Start Seeing Ant Hills Across their Lawn

Once you start noticing ant hills across your lawn, prevention steps should be taken to keep ants out of the house. As mentioned above, ants will enter a home to find food. Ants are small and can find small openings along the foundation of your home. Holes in screens and gaps under doors can allow them in as well. If there’s a way in, you can bet ants will find it. Closing off entry points will help keep the ants outside.

The second most crucial prevention step after noticing ants in the yard is to keep away food sources. Ants eat a variety of foods and you can be sure they’ll find any crumb you’ve left behind. Be sure to keep food stored in containers, clean up all spills and crumbs, and keep your trash (inside and out) tightly sealed. Eliminating food sources will make your home less appealing to inhabit.

No matter which type of ants you have in your yard and home, they may come in large numbers. Ant colonies have thousands of members. As the summer progresses, the colony will keep growing. If you are dealing with ants, the best way to protect your home and yard is with professional ant control. Moyer Pest Control offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our home pest control programs. If pests return between scheduled visits, so do we. Don’t let pests take over your summer, contact Moyer Pest today.

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