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What Can I Do About Bed Bugs?

January 31, 2017

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By the 1950’s bed bugs seemed to be a thing of the past. Common pesticides of the era had almost wiped them out entirely. It wasn’t long, however, before it was discovered that these pesticides did a lot more damage than good to our environment, and many were outlawed. One side effect that no one really counted on after some of the long-term effects of these chemicals began to wear off was the resurgence of the bed bug. It just might be the biggest comeback in history. Since that time bed bugs have quickly spread all over the United States to hotels, hospitals, dorms, and homes traveling to new locations in whatever they can find. The bed bug is more than happy to hitch a ride in luggage, laundry bags, coats, and other clothing. It is likely that unless someone checks thoroughly, the bed bug’s traveling companion will never even knows they are there.

The bed bug is a tiny creature, so it is easy to miss. For a lot of people, they may not even know bed bugs are there until they find an itchy rash that they cannot explain one morning or until the signs of an infestation are very clear on the mattress, in and around their favorite chair, on pet bedding, or in the carpeting. All of these are areas where bed bugs have been known to frequent in order to have easy access to their host.

The key to preventing the threat of bed bugs in your home is vigilance. Whenever you travel, it is important to make sure you are taking the time to look around any hotel that you might be staying in for signs of these pests, especially note areas around the bed. Don’t be afraid to pull back that sheet and inspect the mattress and pad for any staining or bug bodies that might have been left behind. Make sure you check the crevices between the box spring and mattress as well as around the headboard. Then, when you head for home, unpack everything near your laundry room. Wash all the clothes that you can and vacuum your bags thoroughly before you store it away. The same goes when you have a houseguest. They might unwittingly have brought bed bugs with them. Check the space that they occupied in and around the bed. Wash the sheets, blankets, and mattress pad and vacuum the mattresses.

Still, as careful as someone is, there is always a chance that these sneaky pests will find their way in. Trying to rid the home of an infestation without professional help is neither recommended nor effective. Luckily, West Chester residents have Moyer Pest Control on their side. Moyer Pest Control is a leader in bed bug inspection and safe elimination. Our professional team of K9 inspectors and our heat treatment solution can help find exactly where bed bugs may be hiding and make sure that each one is gone. Give us a call today to set up your initial inspection.

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