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What Bugs To Expect This Fall + How To Prevent Them

September 29, 2014

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There are a whole host of bugs that infiltrate homes in the fall. As the air gets crisper, bugs have two choices: hibernate in the bitter cold, or spend the winter in your nice toasty home. What do you think they're going to choose? You guessed it. Move over. They're coming in.

Here are some of the bugs you can expect to get this fall.

Stink bugs. These little bugs look like they are wearing tan digital camouflage, and when you look straight down on them, they look like a shield, with six little legs, two antennae, and a tiny triangle for a head. They scale walls, climb curtains, and fly. Though, honestly, their flying is pretty pathetic. If you see them flying, there is a good chance they're doing it around a light, because they are drawn to lights. This is one of the major reasons they enter homes. They start by hanging out around the porch light, and soon realize that it is nice and warm inside the box you live in. Stink bugs are known most for the smell they make when you crush them. It is similar to a pair of dirty socks. But other than that, they're harmless.

Boxelder bugs. During summer you'll find boxelder bugs congregating on boxelder or maple trees, but when fall comes, these long thin black bugs, with their bright orange highlights, attack houses in droves. From a distance, their piles look like something out of a horror movie. You'll find them stacked in corners, along stairs, on sills, on screens, and covering sections of wall. These bugs are also harmless to humans. But they do have an odor if you crush a few of them, and they can leave a stain.

Ladybugs. Probably the most recognizable of all insects, these oval bugs with their orange to red coloring and jet black dots, are a nuisance pest. When they are stacked by the hundreds on your front stoop, they cease to be cute and adorable. The crunch they make when you step on them is unpleasant at best. And they can stain things, as well.

Spiders. There are many species of spider in the world. This is a bug that needs no description. The vast majority of spiders that care to live alongside humans are no more dangerous than a mosquito. Though it is a good idea to get familiarized with the black widow and brown recluse, if you live in an area prone to them.

How do I keep these fall bugs out?

You can bug proof your home against these invaders, but it requires two steps. First, you'll need to make sure your home is mostly sealed. Check all your door and window screens. Fill in cracks in your foundation and exterior walls. And install door sweeps and weather stripping. This will go a long way to sealing your home, but it isn't complete without an outside treatment. Homeowners who achieve success at keeping bugs out, mix common-sense preventative measures with a year round pest control service. This keeps bugs from crawling on your house, and looking for your vulnerabilities. And, if they can't crawl on your home, they'll go find a home they can crawl on. That means they won't be all over your doorstep either. Wouldn't that be nice?

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