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What Attracts Silverfish In Souderton, PA Homes?

October 15, 2021


Some pests are more unsightly than they are harmful, and that's the case with silverfish. Although these pests look like they might be dangerous or nasty, they aren't particularly harmful. Nevertheless, you probably don't want them around. Learn what attracts silverfish and how you can keep them from invading your Souderton home.

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What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are one of the more interesting house pests in Souderton. This is because scientists believe silverfish have been around for millions of years before the dinosaurs. In fact, there's evidence suggesting that silverfish have inhabited the earth for about 400 million years.

Even if you didn't know it by name, you probably saw a silverfish at one point in time. They're small, shiny creatures that measure up to one inch long. Because they don't have any wings, silverfish are incapable of flight. However, they still manage to get around at a rapid speed. Silverfish often dart across floors quicker than you can see them.

As nocturnal pests, silverfish remain unseen until you go to bed. Homeowners usually don't notice silverfish until they take a late-night trip to the bathroom or go to the basement at night. But this doesn't mean they're not around. If you have certain things in your home, you could be attracting silverfish. They may trigger allergic reactions or cause damage to your belongings.

Why Are Silverfish Inside Your Souderton Home?

There are a few basic needs that sometimes attract silverfish into Souderton properties. For one, silverfish need food. They like eating dry goods, like pasta and grains. If you have crumbs or open food in your home, you could have silverfish around.

These pests are also attracted to moisture. If you have an area of high humidity or excess water in your home, you could have silverfish. They usually end up in bathrooms, basements, and other high-humidity areas. When a home has leaky plumbing or poor ventilation, it's a haven for silverfish.

Finally, silverfish are attracted to homes that are easy to get into. Poorly sealed homes with gaps around windows and doors are ideal for silverfish. They don't need to work hard to get inside and enjoy a free meal.

How You Can Keep Silverfish Out

If you don't want to deal with silverfish inside your home, you should take measures to make your property less appealing to them. With these tips, you can do just that:

  • Vacuum Or Mop Regularly: Clean your floors with a vacuum or mop regularly, or crumbs may attract silverfish. If possible, clean the floors after every meal. You should also make an effort to clean your couches once a week.
  • Use Dehumidifiers: In certain areas of your home, humidity will always be an issue. You can address this by using a dehumidifier wherever necessary. Typically, basements are the areas most in need of this appliance.
  • Install Ridge Vents In The Roof: Your lack of ventilation could keep humidity from escaping your home. To reduce the moisture, hire someone to install a ridge vent.
  • Clean Or Fix Gutters: If your gutters don't drain well, they will draw in silverfish. Check your gutters for clogs and fix them when you see signs of poor drainage.
  • Seal Up Your Home: All of the plumbing and electrical fixtures outside of your home should have caulk around them. Otherwise, it's easy for pests to get inside. 

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