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What Are Those Large Black Ants?

July 22, 2014

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Generally most active during the spring and summer months, carpenter ants are more than just nuisance pests. These ants are capable of considerable structural damage because they burrow into the wood to create colonies for their large populations. At Moyer, we understand the risk carpenter ants pose and that’s why we offer information about these large black ants as well as our effective pest control services to help you get rid of carpenter ants should the need arise.

Ants by nature are foragers and carpenter ants are no exception. Carpenter ants are larger than many other types of ants you will find in your home, usually measuring 5/8" long. They are black or brown in color and although they typically nest in wet, rotten or decayed wood, they will attack dry undamaged wood in order to make tunnels and galleries as well as expand their nests. A common misconception is that carpenter ants eat the wood they attack but that is actually untrue. Unlike termites that enjoy eating wood and wood by-products, carpenter ants maintain a diet of insects, meats, pet food, sugar, honey and other sweets. Since they feed on items often found in our pantry it’s not uncommon to see these ants in the kitchen. They are also found in bathrooms and other areas inside and outside of the house.

How do they get inside? Great question! Any way they can really. Cracks around doors, windows and the foundation are likely places to find carpenter ants gaining entrance. They may even attempt to access your home via utility lines that pass through the walls and like many other pests, they are known to use shrubs and tree limbs as a bridge into your home.

If you’ve heard what sounds like crunching coming from your walls, noticed trails of sawdust or ants in and around your home, contacting Moyer Indoor | Outdoor is the ideal solution. Our residential pest control services are designed to combat carpenter ant activity as well as other household pests. No matter how severe a problem you may have, Moyer can help. Don’t let these nuisance pests damage your home and annoy your family. For complete carpenter ant control, please contact us.

*This blog was originally published on August 31, 2011, but we have updated it to reflect the most recent and accurate information available in helping you combat frustrating ant problems.

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