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What Are My Bed Bug Treatment Options In New Castle, Delaware?

June 21, 2019

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a trained hound dog inspecting a new castle property for bed bugs in the light of a summer day


Bed bugs are in season again! While they can be a year-round pest, the warmer months are the most active time for bed bugs. Believe it or not, bed bugs are one of the hardiest pests there are. They can go up to a year without feeding, and survive temperatures up to 113°F! They are great at hunting out the best hiding places, and can even become resistant to some chemicals used to target them. It pays for New Castle homeowners to know all of the treatment options available if bed bugs ever become a problem. Below are some of the most effective methods used to get rid of them.


K9 Inspection Services

The problem with people performing bed bug inspections is that it takes a lot of time and effort, and they still are not nearly as accurate as a K9 inspection. Scout is our inspector here at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor. The nose of our canine increases the detection of bed bugs with up to a remarkable 98% accuracy. Better yet, the inspection is completed by Scout in minutes versus the hours it takes humans to do it. Picture this, the nose of a canine can smell the bed bug eggs hiding inside the cushions of the couch as well as bed bugs hiding inside of electrical sockets. These are places human eyes and noses cannot detect the way dogs can. Scout can narrow the treatment area by locating the exact locations of activity saving time and money.


Heat Treatments

Another method often used to eradicate bed bugs are heat treatments which work by using high temperatures. Through controlled measures, we will raise the temperature inside the house to 120°F; a climate bed bugs cannot survive in. Below are several reasons why heat treatments are the best method for eradicating bed bugs.

  • The heat penetrates furniture, mattresses, wall voids, and any location where bed bugs are dwelling; meaning there will be no need to throw out the couch or any clothes that may have been infested.

  • It reaches all bed bugs, no matter their stage or how chemically-resistant they may have become, even reaching bed bug eggs. Other methods do not guarantee to reach each stage of bed bug life. For example, fumigation may not make contact with all the eggs in a home.

  •  Heat treatments are safe to use, and will not harm the things in your home or hurt the environment. You will only need to leave the house for a few hours, and once the treatment is finished, you can return.

  •  It’s fast! In one day you can become bedbug-free. 


With Moyer Pest Control, the above treatment methods will get rid of your bed bug problems. Our team will inspect your home or commercial site for any bed bug activity, and develop a treatment plan that is right for you. If bed bugs have invaded your New Castle home or business, you can trust Moyer to eliminate them quickly and successfully. Don't let the infestation grow; reach out today.

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