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What Are Clover Mites, And Are They Dangerous?

April 15, 2019

a very large clover mite crawling along the yard of a souderton residence

If you’re seeing little red bugs around your Souderton home, there’s a good chance they are clover mites. These tiny creatures aren’t even a millimeter long! This makes them difficult to see until they have huddled up in large numbers. Clover mites are actually arachnids, closely related to ticks and spiders. What sets clover mites apart from ticks and spiders is their feeding habits - they don’t feed on blood from insects or humans. Clover mites feed on, as their name suggests, clover, grass, and other plants. What dangers, if any, do clover mites pose?

Potential Dangers and Problems Clover Mites Cause 

Given the diet of clover mites, we know that they aren’t here searching for a blood meal. They won’t bite us and are not known to spread diseases. They don’t pose any threats to human beings or pets. The only things that are in danger when clover mites are around are your belongings. Since clover mites are so small, it’s possible you may not even recognize them in your house until they spread. What you’re more apt to notice are the red stains they leave behind. Being as small as they are, they can be squashed easily, leaving behind their bright red pigment. Your curtains, floors, rugs, furniture, walls, and other personal belongings can be subject to these stains that are nearly impossible to get out. You may wonder why there are suddenly small red stains everywhere. Even their eggs are bright red!

Unfortunately, clover mites are well-known for congregating in large numbers, especially in sunny locations. There could be thousands huddled up along your siding or your porch. If there is one thing clover mites are really good at, it’s sneaking through small cracks and crevices. As they congregate around your home, they will enter through small openings. Their size means you may need a magnifying glass to find the crack. This makes them extremely hard to keep out of homes. A large population of these pests can mean they are hard to control on your own. It can be helpful to leave a grass-free strip of more than a foot around the edge of your foundation. Most of the time, professional pest control is needed to eliminate these nuisance pests. 

Since 1869, Moyer Indoor | Outdoor has been eliminating pests and maintaining pest free homes. If you’re seeing clover mites or small, red stains in and around your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With lots of experience dealing with these pests, along with many others, you can trust us for the job. Our service professional respond quickly. They understand how clover mites work and how to keep them off your property. Choose from our three comprehensive, year-round programs, or contact us to learn more.

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