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West Chester, What Are These Flying Ants?

July 27, 2015

Flying Ant

These are probably the most misunderstood creatures you'll find in or around your home. They are usually a warning sign, and missing the sign may have undesirable consequences for your home and your family.

Here are some of the common misconceptions people have about flying ants:

  • Isn't "Flying ant" a species of ant? Nope. Flying ants are a type of ant, just like workers and soldiers. The colony produces flying ants when it is ready to expand beyond its current nest.

  • Flying ants are queen ants, right? Nope. If you see an ant with wings, don't assume it is a queen. That may be a king ant. Flying ants are reproductive ants. They are born to mate. The females will go on to be queens in a new nest and the kings will continue to mate with them and support them.

  • How did these flying ants get in here? They didn't. If you have flying ants crawling around on your inside windows there is an almost 100% probability that they came from a mature nest inside your walls. The reason they are crawling on your windows is to get at the light on the outside. If you think about it, it doesn't make any sense for them to squeeze their way into your home when what they want is outside.

  • They're all gone, right? Swarms don't last long. You may only get a dozen swarmer’s over the course of three days and then the problem disappears. Don't think for a second that everything is okay. The colony that produced those swarmers is still in your walls.

  • I found a winged queen on the porch, but its okay, I crushed it. If all you saw was one winged ant outside, it could have come from somewhere off your property. But swarmers don't fly far. It is more likely that winged ant came from your home.

If you see winged ants, you need to recognize them for what they are: A warning sign. These are reproductives from a mature nest looking to start another nest. Sucking them up into a vacuum isn't going to fix your problem. You need to have a pest controller do an inspection and have the mature nest removed.

Here at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor, ants are just one of the many pests our certified technicians are trained to control. If you have winged ants in your West Chester home, we have the solution. Give us a call before that new nest has a chance to grow.

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