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West Chester Termite Control Tips

May 9, 2014

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Spring time brings lots of activity! Baseball games, picnics in the park, planting gardens and oh...did we mention bugs? Lots of them! Spring is when many insects, including termites, come to the surface. You may witness this in the form of swarming termites. Termites swarm and leave their colony to find a male or female to mate with. These winged termites , also called reproductives, will then break off their wings. This act symbolizes they are a new couple and then it’s off to start their own colony! This new colony will generally have a population of 75 during its’ first year.

Termites are the last thing a homeowner wants to see. These pests are credited with approximately $5 billion in home damage every year in the United States. Termites primary food source is wood, more specifically the cellulose in wood. They can easily munch their way right through a home. This feasting weakens the wooden structure of your home.

The earliest sign that you might have termite activity is finding broken termite wings or you may even see them swarming. Most of the other indicators start to appear as the colony grows and they show a bigger termite presence. Termite signs can include:

  • Soft or sagging floors

  • Walls or floors that sound hollow

  • Cracked or distorted painted wood

  • You may see mud tunnels. Mud tunnels acts as a highway for these pests; from their nest to their source of food.

  • Finding frass

As a homeowner, you can do several things to help prevent termites. There are several areas that can be addressed, such as:

  • Store firewood at least 20 feet from the house and up off the ground. Keep a cover over the wood so it stays dry.

  • Only keep enough wood at the house for your current fire and keep it in a raised rack.

  • Be sure and cut down any diseased trees and be sure to haul them off your property.

  • Keep your gutters and downspouts clear of debris.

So, are you wondering how to get rid of termites if they are present in your home? Well, for starters, we warn you that using any do it yourself ideas on these pests is a really bad idea. These pests are elusive by nature and are not usually successfully removed without the proper equipment and training to do so. A trained termite pest control professional is the best route to take when it comes to these pests. West Chester termite control is a familiar phrase to the pros at Moyer! At Moyer we provide several programs to eliminate current termite infestations as well as ways to monitor for future activity. The best protection for your home, especially with these pests, is a regular pest control maintenance program. Moyer’s staff will be happy to check your home and provide you with recommendations!


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