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West Chester - Stink Bug Preparation

August 22, 2015

Stink Bug

Through the summer, it can feel like those stink bugs have left for good. But, if there is anything we have learned about stink bugs, it's this: this imported insect loves Pennsylvania. The reason you're not seeing them crawling all over your entryway or interior walls is because they're out in the fields driving farmers crazy. But, when temperatures drop, they'll need a nice warm place to hide. That is when they'll come back and drive you crazy. Now is the time to prepare for battle! Dig the holes. Lay down the sandbags. Man the guns!

Stink Bug Battle Plan

  1. Stop them at the screens. When those stinky little buggers come crawling on your walls, don't let them find tiny holes in your window and door screens. Patch up the holes. There are some easy-to-follow videos on YouTube for quickly and inexpensively fixing damaged screens.

  2. Stop them at the doors. Make sure all your door sweeps and weather stripping are in good order. You're going to have to look closely. Stink bugs can get through a hole that is only ¼ of an inch wide. Where you see damaged or bent bristles, stink bugs see a way in.

  3. Stop them at the walls. Your basement walls can give stink bugs easy entrance into your home. Seal up gaps and cracks to keep them out.

  4. Stop them at the vents. It is amazing how many people neglect to realize that unscreened vents and chimneys are easy access points for bugs. Not you. We're talking about those other people. Make sure the screens on your vents and chimney are in good working order. If you don't want to keep going up on your roof to check your chimney screen, consider getting a Damper-Cap for your chimney. This replaces the damper in the chimney that is just over the firebox and will allow you to seal the top of your chimney from all bug invaders, when you don't have a fire going.

  5. Stop them at the entry. When you bring groceries in, be sure to close the door behind you. You would be surprised how many stink bugs get in simply because a door was left open.

  6. Chemical warfare! If we're being honest, without chemicals, the most you can hope to do is reduce the number of stink bugs that get into your home. You won't be able to seal them out completely. If you're looking to make your home a "no fly zone" for stink bugs, you're going to need a professional insect treatment from the experts here at Moyer for your exterior walls.

Prepare your West Chester home for battle. Those stink bugs aren't gone. They're only rallying the troops. Give us a call and together we can make sure your home is ready before you see the whites of their eyes.


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