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West Chester Pest Control Pros Share Ant Prevention Tips

May 29, 2014

ants invading a kitchen in west chester

Ants are a sure sign of warmer weather! While we are all happy to know that the weather is getting warmer, the fact that ants will be re-surfacing in our lives is not a comforting thought. Ants in the house create a variety of questions, including: Why are ants in our homes? What can and what shouldn't we do to get rid of ants? How do we prevent ants from coming back?

Ants come inside our homes for some of the same reasons we do; shelter, food and water. Ants are in constant search of food and water sources, which is one of the reasons why it is so common to find ants in the kitchen. They are social creatures that live in large nests. While these nests may or may not be in our homes, the ants certainly are at some point or another. Getting rid of these pests is more complicated than just killing the ones that are seen. Ants are not gone until the whole colony that lives in the nest is gone.

While there are plenty of retail ant control products available for purchase, most of these just treat the symptoms of an existing ant presence. These types of products will not completely rid the ant colony nor will it stop new ones from coming. Ant sprays, dusts and baits are predominantly made up of harsh chemicals that are harmful to people, pets and animals. Using these in a uninformed manner can pose possible serious health risks to our loved ones. Here in West Chester, residents know to contact Moyer Pest Control for all of their extermination needs.

While professional pest services are the best way to handle ants, there are steps that can be taken to make homes and yards less desirable to ants. Here are a few simple ideas from our West Chester exterminators to aid in the prevention of ants:

  • Keep all trash picked up and stored in sealed containers away from the home

  • Keep a neat and clean kitchen

  • Clean up all food scraps and crumbs immediately

  • Clean up all sources of standing water, outside and inside your home

  • Store all opened food in airtight containers

  • Don't leave pet food out all the time

These are just a few tips that can help lessen exposure to ants in the home. The best and safest way to stop ants in their tracks and to prevent future ants from entering your home is to call Moyer Pest Control. We have been providing West Chester pest control since 1869. Thats over 100 years of service!



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