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West Chester Pest Control Pros Offer Bed Bug Tips

April 28, 2014

west chester bed bug control for hotels

Bed bugs are a problem for many different places, including hotels, libraries, movie theaters and other public areas. You hear about bed bugs in these locations all the time in the news but you very rarely hear about bed bugs inside people’s homes. However, residential homes are probably the most common place for bed bugs to reside. According to a survey from the NPMA and the University of Kentucky which has tracked the bed bug resurgence of the last few years, bed bugs are “overwhelmingly found in private residences, including apartments, condominiums and single-family homes”. What can be done to avoid introducing bed bugs into your home? Here are some tips from the West Chester pest control professionals at Moyer Pest Control.

The first step in avoiding bed bugs is knowing the signs of bed bugs. These signs may include:

  • Little brown or reddish spots on bed linens, carpeting, curtains and upholstered furniture.

  • Red welts on your skin after you wake up in the morning. Although many people have this kind of reaction to a bed bug bite, not everyone does. So this sign is not always present in a bed bug infestation.

  • In large infestations, bed bugs leave a musty odor that has been compared to the smell of cilantro.

  • Bed bugs must shed their skins periodically to grow (and they definitely don’t clean up after themselves!). Shed bed bug skins in areas where bed bugs congregate are a definite sign of bed bugs.

The second step in avoiding bed bugs is knowing how to avoid picking them up while in public places. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Bed bugs aren’t choosy and they don’t discriminate. They can be in any public place at any time and they won’t pick the low budget motels over the 5 star hotels. They’ll be happy with either as long as they get a blood meal.

  • Bed bugs can crawl into your luggage! Therefore, you should never leave it on the floor in a hotel room. Instead you should keep it up off the floor on a luggage stand and keep it zipped up when you’re not getting things out of it.

  • Bed bugs can find you on public transportation too! Keep luggage or hand bags up off the floor whenever possible and if a seat looks suspect, don’t sit on it.

The third step in avoiding bed bugs is to know what bed bugs look like. Check out our bed bug identification page to help you learn to recognize what a bed bug looks like.

If you spot any of bed bug signs in your home or your business, you should seek professional pest control immediately. A professional bed bug treatment is the only way to eliminate these pests once they arrive in your property. There is absolutely no do-it-yourself solution to a bed bug infestation. The pest control professionals at Moyer know how to get rid of bed bugs and we offer our effective bed bug control for homes and businesses throughout our service area! 


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