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Wasp Activity One The Rise As Winter Nears

September 3, 2015

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Every kid loves a good game of hide and seek. The excitement of balling up in a corner behind the couch, trying not to laugh, is great fun. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you find the perfect spot. So perfect, it feels like you're hiding for hours. But, inevitably, boredom sets in, or you realize it was a bad idea to drink that third soda--and you're forced to reveal yourself.

Queen wasps also love a good game of hide and seek. They're really good at it. They will squeeze into your soffits and stay hidden through the entire winter, without making a single peep. In spring, when they finally emerge, they're ready to start a new colony. Though we can all admire the hiding skills of these clever ladies, nobody likes finding a wasp's nest hanging from their eaves in spring--or worse, finding one in their attic. So, let's take a look at this thing called overwintering, and discuss some ways to stop those queen wasps from doing so in your house.


Those queens that come to overwinter are not the queens from old nests. If this were the case, you'd only have one or two. In fall, when wasp hives are at peak populations, they begin to produce male and female reproductives. These are the wasps you see flying around your roofline and eaves. The males mate with the females and the females find a place to overwinter and become the "queens" of new nests in the spring.

Prevention Tips

  • Wasps are a predatory insect that feeds off other insects and mammals. For this reason, it is important to make sure all your garbage cans are sealed.

  • Wasps feed on nectar but are also able to feed on sugars found in ripened fruit, sweet foods and beverages. These insects are drawn to these things. Your goal should be to not have them sitting around in your backyard.

  • Fix loose siding and shore up your awnings. Those wasp queens are going to be looking for a place to hide.

  • Make sure all door and window screens are in good working order so that queen wasps looking for a place to overwinter can't get inside.

  • A pest treatment plan is by far the best way to keep wasps off your exterior walls. A professional knows how to properly seal exterior walls and how to safely apply insect treatments to vulnerable areas.

When queen wasps come to play hide and seek under the siding of your home, or in gaps and cracks, let them find your exterior walls protected. For help, contact us. At Moyer Indoor | Outdoor, we've been protecting homes from insect pests for over 146 years; we have the experience to help you protect yours.

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