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Warning Signs Mice Leave Behind In New Castle Homes

March 12, 2019

Seeing a small, furry mouse scurry across your bedroom floor is a sure way to get your heart rate up! Mice can certainly be startling. If you’re noticing mice or warning signs of mice in your home, you’re not alone. It’s common for mice to enter homes in the fall and stay throughout the winter. As the weather cools off, they search for a nice, warm building to provide shelter and easy access to a food supply. As spring arrives, they will have their babies right in the safety of your home. This means that pretty soon your New Castle home could be home to an entire family of mice. Now is the time to get these mice off your property! Not only will their population be expanding, but they also pose many threats to you and your family.

Warning Signs of Mice

  • Mouse droppings.
  • Sighting a mouse.
  • Chew marks on food containers.
  • Tears or bite marks in fabric or clothing.
  • Holes in furniture.
  • Scratching or scurrying noises inside walls.
  • Tiny footprints along the carpet.
If you notice warnings signs in your New Castle home, this means you need to make a move. If you can’t tell which rodent you’re dealing with, mice or rats, our article, How to Tell if you Have a Rat in the Home, may be helpful. Their signs can be similar, but there are certain characteristics that set mice and rats apart. Either way, both should be removed from the home as soon as possible.

Problems Rodents Cause for Homeowners

Rodents can cause serious damage to a house. Their never-ending chewing can result in holes in the furniture, holes in clothing, holes in walls, wiring, and insulation! All are at risk with rodents in the home. Not only do they damage property, but they can contaminate food. They’ll leave opened packages and droppings throughout your cupboards. Mice and rats can also spread diseases to humans. On top of all this, mice are a common way for ticks and fleas to end up on your property. If you have pets (or even if you don’t!), this can become a real problem.

How to Get Rid of Rodents

Rodent infestations are hard for homeowners to eliminate on their own. In most cases, a pest control service is needed. Moyer Pest Control is committed to helping remove pests from your home as soon as possible. Our treatments are EPA registered to ensure safety, and Moyer Service Professionals™ are all licensed and registered to apply the treatments properly. If you choose from our comprehensive, year-round plans, we ensure that mice or other pest don’t return to your home in New Castle. Reach out to us to get started!

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