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Warmer Winter Means Higher Tick Populations For New Castle

May 29, 2020


Did you notice the mild winter we just had? It is nice to have a winter that is warmer than usual, but mild temperatures can cause tick populations to be higher in the spring. While ticks can survive a particularly harsh winter due to the fact that they take warm-blooded animals as hosts, cold temperatures can reduce the reproduction of ticks because they can't readily spread from one animal to another. If they land on the ground and attempt to find another host, the cold temperatures can kill them. In a mild winter, it is easier for ticks to spread and reproduce. This is why experts are expecting more ticks in New Castle this spring. And more ticks means a greater risk for the spread of tick-borne diseases. Here's how you can protect yourself.

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Tick Bite Prevention

Guarding against tick bites begins with personal tick bite prevention. These are steps you can take to keep ticks from biting you.

  • Apply mosquito repellent to your legs and feet before going outdoors.

  • Wear bright colors so you are able to see ticks as they scale your body to get to your hair.

  • Consider tucking your pant legs into your socks to prevent ticks from crawling under and biting the skin on your legs.

  • Avoid walking in tall grass.

  • When you return home, do a quick check for ticks. If you find one, remove it immediately. Some diseases can take up to 24 hours to transmit from a tick. Early removal can prevent illness.

Tick Prevention For Pets

If you have a dog or a cat, it is important that you protect your pet and monitor for ticks. Not only can ticks make your pet sick, they can use your dog or cat to hitchhike into your home.

  • Tick collars are a good first step for most pets and most families.

  • Do routine checks of your pets by running your fingers through their fur and feeling for bumps. You should also check the ears and between the toes where ticks commonly attach.

  • If you have a dog that goes outside, and you don't have a fenced-in recreation area, consider making one.

  • This keeps your dog from getting into landscape vegetation where ticks can be hiding. It also reduces wildlife traffic in the area your pet will be playing.

Tick Prevention For Your Yard

Every time you go out into your yard, you have the chance of picking up a tick. Your yard is the frontline in the battle. Consider these tips.

  • Reduce moisture near your exterior walls to make it more difficult for ticks to survive as they wait to get on you or your pets.

  • Reduce attractants that can lure wildlife into your yard. This will prevent them from bringing ticks in close to your home.

  • Apply fencing to prevent wildlife from seeking harborage under the structures on your property.

  • Lay wood chips down in areas where you or your kids spend time outdoors. Ticks have sensitive feet and do not prefer to walk over wood chips or crushed stone.

How Moyer Can Help

If ticks are a concern for you, remember that Moyer Pest Control offers the highest level of pest control for residents of New Castle, including seasonal tick and mosquito treatments. These treatments hit ticks in the locations they hide. There is no better way to protect yourself, your family, and your pets from tick-borne diseases. Reach out to us today for a consultation or a pest control inspection. Ticks will be out in force this year. This is the time to get ready for them.

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