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Warm Days And Ants In PA

April 20, 2015

Ants On A Flower

They're coming. It happens every year. The dreaded warm days. Oh? Woops. You're probably looking forward to the warm days. What you can do without are all those nasty ants that come with the warm days. Am I right? Good thing for you, you stumbled upon this humble little blog. Get ready to hear some things that will make "mind" equal "blown."

Do you get ants in your Pennsylvania home every year? It isn't surprising. Ants are the #1 rated nuisance pest in the U.S. This is due in part to the fact that they can crawl on any surface with pores or bumps. That means they can scale your exterior walls and exploit almost any entry point on your house. The good news is, they're not inclined to, unless you give them a reason.

It is rare to have ants crawl up to your exposed roofline and work their way down into your kitchen through your wall voids. You have to have a real treasure trove of food in there. If you're seeing a steady stream of ants walking across your floor, it is more likely that you have a hole they are exploiting or a satellite colony in your walls.

Holes can come in many forms. A rotted hole that was started by water damage and made larger by insects and rodents is a prime source for entry. But a cracked window frame or broken screen can lend easy access to your home as well, especially if it is a basement window.

If you are curious whether or not you have a satellite colony in your walls, put a bowl of pet food in the middle of your kitchen and see how long it take ants to build a line to it. The faster they build that line, the closer they are.

You can make ants feel less welcome in your home by sealing food in your pantry, keeping toast crumbs picked up around the toaster, making sure your trash cans are sealed, cleaning rugs and floors regularly and by not leaving any food out. But take the warning seriously. Those ants are telling you that your exterior walls are being breached. And, if those ants can get in, other more dangerous and destructive pests can get in.

Spring is the time to flick the reset switch on pests in your home and seal your exterior walls. As things warm up outside, those ants are going to start reproducing faster. When these increased populations of ants come to explore your walls for a way in, you don't want them to find one. Have a Moyer Indoor | Outdoor do an inspection, determine where those ants are coming from and have them seal your walls up tight. We can also put a focused spray in areas that are most vulnerable so those ants have no interest in scaling your walls. Protect your home and your family from the warm days that are coming.

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