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Unidentified Scurrying Object

December 11, 2015

silverfish scurrying across the flooor

It is late at night and you are innocently in your bathroom brushing your teeth, washing your face, and thinking how great it is going to feel when your head finally hits the pillow!  Then you see it, out of the corner of your eye a shiny metallic fast moving, alien-like creepy crawler dart across your bathroom floor; and suddenly thoughts of sweet dreams turn to nightmares!  What was that and what is it doing in your bathroom?

Luckily, you can still probably get a good night’s sleep because it is most likely not an alien that has just scurried across your floor, but rather a silverfish!  That’s right a silverfish, silverfish are a nuisance pest, that while harmless (they don’t bite or sting) will invade the areas of your home that provide them with damp dark spaces- bathrooms, kitchen, basements, garages, and crawl spaces.  While silverfish may not be a danger to you knowing how to identify and get rid of them is important because they will damage items inside your home like books, pictures, clothing and wallpaper as they feed on them.

So what exactly does a silverfish look like?  Silverfish get their name from their elongated-oval shaped body that tapers towards its tail, as they move across the floor they do so in a fish-like manner.  Their body is covered in metallic brown or silver scales; they have six legs, long antennae and three bristle-like appendages coming off of their hind end.

A silverfish infestation can be hard to notice because silverfish move very quickly and hide in the dark corners of your home. Because of this it is very important, that at the first sighting of a silverfish in your home you get help, because where there is one there are likely many more hiding throughout your home.  The professionals at Moyer Pest can help to eliminate a silverfish infestation through our home pest control programs. 

Moyer’s home pest control programs can provide you with different levels of service depending on you and your home’s needs.   A year-round home pest control plan from Moyer is a safe cost-effective way to get rid of all the silverfish that are currently taking up residence in your home.  Then once the initial infestation is eliminated, the professionals at Moyer will provide you with year-round pest control services to prevent future problems with silverfish and other common household pests.  And the best part- you can sleep soundly at night knowing that if silverfish or other pests come back between visits so will we and at no cost to you!

To get rid of silverfish in your home, or get more information about our quality pest control services contact Moyer today!  We provide home pest control services throughout Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Leigh-Northampton, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

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