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Ultimate Cockroach Prevention Handbook For Souderton Homeowners

February 14, 2020


There are few pests that can present as much of a threat to your health as cockroaches. This is because cockroaches are naturally dirty insects. They're drawn to dumpsters, sewers, compost, dead animals, and more. When they crawl in dirty places or on dirty things, they pick up harmful organisms, which they can carry into your home. Cockroaches are linked to the spread of more than 33 kinds of bacteria, 7 human pathogens, and 6 parasitic worms. They also aggravate the symptoms of asthma and increase hospital visits for asthma. Here are the 4 things you need to know most about cockroach prevention.

How To Identify And Address Attractants

If you want to prevent cockroaches from getting into your home, you need to think like a cockroach. When these insects crawl into your yard, there are a few things they're looking for. If you remove or control these attractants, you can reduce cockroaches and decrease your chances of an infestation.

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  • Dense landscaping. There are many things your landscaping offers cockroaches. There is shade, moisture, food sources, and more.

  • Dense vegetation offers all of these in abundance. When you keep your vegetation trimmed neat, you allow better airflow to dry the soil, you allow the sun to dry the soil, and you reduce the shade that protects cockroaches from the drying effects of the sun.

  • Hiding places. Have you ever turned something over in your yard and found a dozen insects under it. Cockroaches will take advantage of objects that are in your yard. Objects provide protection from the sun and promote moisture.

  • Puddles. Moisture is one of the building blocks of life. The more moisture you have around your home, the more pests you'll have, including cockroaches. A working gutter system goes a long way toward reducing pest populations near your home.

2. How To Identify And Seal Potential Entry Points

Once you've made your exterior a little less interesting to cockroaches, it is important to find and seal any potential entry points. Here are some locations you should inspect closely.

  • Your exterior doors can have many vulnerabilities. Cockroaches can slip past weatherstripping, door sweeps, frames, and frame seals. Replace damaged weatherstripping and door sweeps, and seal gaps and holes in frames using a caulking gun.

  • Windows in your foundation walls or bottom floor are quick entry points. A caulking gun works well to seal these up. Replace damaged screens and fix broken window panes as well.

  • Cracks or gaps in foundation walls. Use a foundation repair kit to fix cracks in your foundation walls. If you have gaps around pipes or wire conduit, use a caulking gun to fill these in.

  • You could be the entry point cockroaches use to get into your home. Sometimes cockroaches hitchhike in. They can be hiding in boxes, furniture, grocery bags, and more.

3. How To Prevent The Spread Of Illness

If illness prevention is your concern, there are two things you can do to protect yourself and your family.

  • Put grocery items that come in paper, cardboard, or thin plastic inside sealed containers. This will keep cockroaches out.

  • Keep your kitchen and pantry clean. Not only will this reduce food options for cockroaches, but it will also clean away invisible organisms left by cockroaches on food-prep surfaces.

4. How To Get The Greatest Control Of Cockroaches

The only way to get complete control of cockroaches is to apply pest control products. But pest control products can be toxic to you and your family if the wrong products are used and if they are applied inappropriately. It is best to have treatments selected and applied by a licensed pest control professional. For assistance with this in Souderton, and throughout our extensive Pennsylvania service area, reach out to Moyer Pest Control. Our service team has the experience and training to give you the protection you're looking for.

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