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Top 5 Things People Think They Know About Bed Bug

November 10, 2016

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bed bug crawling on skin

We all know about bed bugs, right? They are dirty, disease-carrying, parasites that live in our beds and feed on our blood, right? Well, not exactly. Here are 5 things you might think you know about bed bugs, and how you could be wrong.

  1. Bed bugs only live in beds. While it's true bed bugs can live in mattresses and bed frames, this is not the only place they can live. So throwing a bed out at the first sign of bed bugs is not likely to fix your problem. These tiny blood eaters can live in electronics, upholstered furniture, and even wall voids.

  2. Bed bugs are dirty bugs that only live with dirty people. There has long been an understanding that bed bugs only live with dirty people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bed bugs aren't drawn to filth. They are drawn to blood. This is a pest that has been found infesting some of the cleanest places. If they can get a blood meal, these bugs are happy to live anywhere.

  3. Bed bugs only get us when we stay in dirty motels. You can certainly get bed bugs from a dirty motel, but dirty motels, and even motels in general, are not the only place you can pick up bed bugs. They can be found in any type of accommodation from cabins in the woods to luxury resorts. Infestations have also been treated in public transportation, office buildings, police stations, libraries, schools (from elementary schools through universities), daycares, and many more places. They can even be picked up when visiting a friend or relative down the street or even going to work.

  4. Bed bugs carry diseases. There is no connection between bed bugs and the spread of diseases. Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs don't fly from person to person spreading diseases as they go. They don't fly. And, they are limited to the individuals living in the home they are infesting. These bugs are also not the kind of bug that will get in the trash and then crawl on food prep areas or inside your silverware drawer. This makes them a low disease and bacteria threat.

  5. Bed bugs look like tiny rust-colored apple seeds. This is true. But, if they have fed recently. A bed bug starts off with a mostly transparent skin, and is only about the size of the tip on a pen.

If you think you have bed bugs, there is something else you should know. These are not easy bugs to get rid of, and do-it-yourself bed bug control can, and has, ended in tragedy. Don't take any chances. Call Moyer Pest Control for fast and reliable bed bug control services.

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