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Top 5 Bed Bug Warning Signs

January 18, 2018

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It seems like an everyday occurrence to come across bed bug chit-chat. Whether you hear it on the news, one of your friends vents their frustration, or you are facing a bed bug problem yourself, bed bugs seem to be popping up all over the place. One of the leading causes of bed bugs infestation becoming more prominent and common is the increase in travel. Along with traveling, of course, there is one or more overnight stays, whether it be a hotel or a family member's home. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not drawn to dirt and filth, but in fact, are drawn to anywhere they can find a meal. A blood meal of course, which means you or your family are the ultimate attraction for bed bugs, meaning taking care of them should be a top priority. Bed bugs also seem to be enjoying the increase in public transit use, where they can easily be picked up and brought home by way of luggage and clothes. Often, by the time you find out you have bed bugs, it’s too late to solve the problem on your own, though looking for these top 5 warning signs can help you stay a step ahead!

  1. Red welts on skin - Finding red welts on your skin is a major indicator of a bed bug infestation. Often times these bites will come in lines or circles due to the bed bugs need for multiple feedings. Bed bug bites can often itch or be painful to the touch, it is important to know, however, this is not always the case.

  2. Blood spots - As bed bugs feed, not all of it gets into their mouths. They are known to leave behind little blood spots, and the larger the infestation the more prominent they will be. The blood spots will usually appear a darker brown in color as they have dried. Blood spots will often be found near a feeding source which usually includes mattresses and box springs.

  3. Smell - A musty odor can often signify bed bugs. The scent glands of a bed bug produce the musty odor and it has been compared to the smell of coriander. If your house starts to smell like wet mold, it’s probably time to start searching for the cause, which may be bed bugs. The larger the infestation the stronger the smell.

  4. Droppings - Bed bugs leave behind droppings as they go. Though they are small, they can be seen and will usually come in small clusters on your bed or floor. Bed bug droppings are usually the size of about the dot of a marker.

  5. Spotting a bed bug - Though bed bugs are small you can find them. They like to hide in places like seams of upholstery and in the stitching of clothes, luggage, and furniture. They are known also to hide around indents in upholstery like buttons, making them extremely hard to come across. When checking for bed bugs, always check dressers and under beds.

Bed bugs can be extremely hard to eradicate on your own, but with the help of a professional pest company, it's not a problem. Moyer Pest Control offers top-notch bed bug eradication services that guarantee your infestation becomes a thing of the past. We employ techniques such as bed bug detection dogs and heat treatments to ensure complete elimination. Bed bug dogs have the ability to detect bed bug infestations that are not apparent to the naked eye, do it faster than a person can, and can detect bed bugs past obstacles such as walls and carpets. With the addition of heat treatments, where the entire room is brought up to a temperature known and proven to kill bed bugs, there is no crack or crevice that goes unnoticed and untouched. After our technicians inspect your home, identify the problem, and determine what methods to use and to what degree they should treat, they implement a plan to eradicate the entire infestation and follow through to ensure it. If you have a bed bug problem, Moyer Pest Control will know exactly what to do, so give us a call today!

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