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Tips To Prevent Tick Bites In New Castle

May 22, 2022


To protect yourself from all types of ticks in New Castle and get rid of ticks for good, you should be following specific prevention tactics. Pest control in New Castle and the knowledge in our article can help you along with this.

The Life Cycle Of A Tick

It is essential to be knowledgeable about a tick's lifecycle, as the best way to eliminate this pest is to remove all ages of ticks infesting your property. Essential tick control also includes learning the different types of ticks in New Castle. These are the most common types:

  • Blacklegged Tick
  • Lonestar Tick
  • American Dog Tick
  • Groundhog Tick

In general, all of these ticks will start as an egg. Once the eggs hatch and six-legged larvae emerge, they attach to a host. As soon as the larvae become engorged, they detach from the host and molt into nymphs. As nymphs, the ticks attach to another host and feed long enough to become engorged, drop off, and molt into an adult. Adult ticks will attach themselves to larger hosts and feed until they find a mate; after mating and becoming engorged, the female tick will lay thousands of eggs and then die. The eggs then continue the life cycle.

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Where Ticks Like To Hide

In general, ticks like to hide in areas that are moist and shady, avoiding areas that are dry or in direct sunlight. This is why it is so common to pick up ticks when out in nature – they love to hide in the tall, sheltered foliage until a potential host comes by that they can attach themselves to. Once on a human body, ticks will again head for moist, warmer areas that are hard to see, such as underarms, between toes, between legs, and around the ears.

Ways You Can Protect Yourself

Learning how to keep ticks away is essential to protect yourself from tick bites and the potential health risk that this pest poses. The below natural tick prevention tips can help deter this pest from biting you whenever you are out and about in New Castle.

  • Always wear long-sleeved clothing and pants when hiking outdoors. Tuck pants into socks and wear close-toed shoes to prevent this pest from biting you.
  • Utilize tick repellent sprays, either store-bought or natural, when out in your yard or nature. This can help deter this pest from seeing you as a viable host.
  • Make sure pets have a tick preventative in place (speak to your vet about this) and check them every time they return from the outdoors.
  • Keep the grass in your yard trimmed and remove debris. This makes the area less hospitable to ticks who want to hide.

The Best Way To Reduce Ticks In Your Yard

In addition to following natural tick prevention strategies, the best way to reduce ticks in your yard is to invest in professionals. Our experts at Moyer Pest Control can inspect your property for tick problem areas and institute targeted, effective solutions to get rid of ticks completely. With the help of our specialists, tick control will be a breeze, and you will no longer have to worry about tick bites or the negative consequences that an active tick infestation can cause in your yard.

Reach out to Moyer Pest Controls today for more advice or assistance. 

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