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Tips To Pest-Proof Your Home This Fall

September 22, 2017


Before we get started, let's get one thing out of the way. When we say, "tips to pest-proof," we're not talking about suggestions for how you can prove that you have pests in your home. If you've seen cockroaches zipping up walls, spider webs in the corners of rooms, flies buzzing around, ants crawling in your kitchen, and more, you don't need any more proof than that. You have bug problems. And, you should definitely get someone to correct that problem. This article is for people who don't have bugs at the moment--or very few bugs at the moment. Pest-proofing is a process that helps to keep pests out when the dropping temperatures outside start to drive them in.

5 Great Ways To Pest-Proof Your Home

  • Windows and sliding doors are notorious entry points for bugs and wildlife. Before it gets too cold, you should do an inspection of all your screens and make sure you don't have any holes, gaps, or cracks. Look closely. It doesn't take much of a hole for bugs to squeeze in. It is also important to make sure the frames around your doors and windows don't have any gaps. Seal things up with a caulking gun.

  • Inspect low. If you have a porch, deck, or some other structure that bugs and wildlife can find shade and moisture, it is likely to be a prime location for entry. If you're able to get into these locations with a flashlight, it is a good idea to do it. If you can't, be sure to check your gutter system above these locations. Obstructed or broken gutters will provide moisture to these areas that will invite pest activity.

  • Inspect high. Your roofline can be amazingly vulnerable to pest invasion. If you have a tall ladder, it is a good idea to check your entire roofline--along with eaves and soffits--and seal any gaps you find.

  • Chimney cap. Your chimney could be a superhighway for bugs. If you have not yet invested in a chimney cap, it is a great way to seal those bugs out. When you're not using your fireplace, you can keep it sealed.

  • Invest in pest control. It should come as no surprise that we would mention this one. We're a pest control company and we believe in the service we provide. But you should be aware that it is extremely difficult to keep bugs out of a home without a targeted application of EPA approved pest products.

Before the cold starts driving bugs and wildlife into your home, we hope you'll consider hiring a professional to put a barrier in place to keep those pests out. If you're in our Pennsylvania service area, let the QualityPro Certified team at Moyer help. Making homes and businesses pest-free is what we do best.

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