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Tips To Effective House Mouse Control In Souderton

January 6, 2022


While they may occasionally get mixed up with rats, you can distinguish house mice by a few key characteristics: their round bodies that don’t grow any bigger than four inches in length, beady eyes, round, hairy ears, and cream-colored bellies that are lighter than the rest of their fur. 

As their name suggests, house mice are all about living indoors if they can. For centuries, house mice have been dependent on human civilization to provide them with food, water, and warm shelter to wait out the winter – and they expect the same from Souderton homes. 

If you’re worried about mice in your Souderton house, here’s what you should know about the dangers that house mice can bring into homes, how you can prevent them, and the most effective way to get rid of them.

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Are House Mice Dangerous? 

When they find a mouse in their house, it’s not unusual for homeowners to assume they’re just dealing with “one little mouse.” Unfortunately, most house mice infest your home in more significant numbers, and once they’ve made it inside, they’ll continue to reproduce until the infestation spirals out of control. Some of the dangers that house mice can bring into your home include: 

  • Transmitting diseases: From hantavirus to salmonellosis, house mice are unsanitary and can carry a wide variety of diseases and bacteria. They may contaminate your home with these diseases through droppings and urine as well as direct contact. 
  • Spreading parasites: In some cases, house mice can also carry parasites, like fleas, mites, or ticks, that can invade your home too. 
  • Causing property damage: Mice have powerful teeth that they’ll use to chew through walls, insulation, and even electrical wiring. They only need a hole the size of a pen to get inside.

How To Prevent House Mice 

As troublesome as they can be for Souderton homeowners, here’s what you can do to keep house mice away from your property: 

  • Cover up cracks and crevices in your walls and foundation with steel wool or another rodent-proof material, as these rodents can chew through things like plastic, vinyl, and wood.
  • Properly store food in your home in airtight containers or packages to prevent house mice from smelling them.
  • Keep a tight lid on trash cans and regularly empty your cans once they get full.
  • Don’t leave a sink full of dirty dishes sitting overnight.
  • ]Make sure you’re addressing moisture issues around your property and home.

The Most Effective Form Of House Mice Control In Souderton, PA

While the prevention tips above may be great ways to avoid future problems, the best way to combat an existing house mouse problem is with professional help from Moyer Pest Control. Not only can our specialists safely get rid of mice in your home, but we can also do it more effectively. 

If you’re finding signs of a house mouse problem or you already know you’ve got these rodents living under your roof, you shouldn’t wait for them to contaminate your home even more. Call us today at Moyer Pest Control for more information about our house mice control services and how we can help. 

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